Power Conditioning, Regeneration and Cords

I'm not really sure what, if anything, I should try.

I live in the middle of an urban area. I don't have any dedicated outlets for my equipment. I'm hopefully going to be able to get an electrician to wire dedicated outlets (this is something I'm going to do, for sure).

After that... what? I have a cd player, a preamp, an amp, a record player, and two electrostatic speakers. That's a lot of cords! (the amp is has two, two for the speakers, one for the record player, pre and cd player, and then one for my tv and one for my vcr!... at least nine!!)

All i'm using now is a tripp lite heavy duty surge protector... just because it's giving me the number of outlets I need...

I'm wondering what will make a difference. Can I just keep all my stuff plugged into a surge protector, and then add something like a "quiet line" to my outlets (I think those are about $25 a piece)? Should I get a PS Audio 300 for my cd player and analog (can i plug both of them into a unit like that... i mean, will their noise be isolated?)...

i see some power conditioners like chang light speed and soundapplication, and they just look like overgrown powerstrips! i mean, what do these really do??

AC regeneration kind of makes sense, more so than isolation transformers, (I talked to a guy who makes isolation transformers, and he said that they are good for getting rid of common noise like stuff coming in from the outside, but not good at getting rid of differential noise, like stuff coming from other appliances running in your house...), filters on the wall outlets also make sense, and a dedicated outlet makes sense.. not sure if i'm missing anything, not really sure what any of it will actually do.

I mean, I'm not really sure that i hear any noise!! believe that or not!
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I have everything (including projection TV) plugged into a PS Audio P600 Powerplant, except my power amp. It makes a very noticable difference. It really quiets the systems and reveals more detail. The TV looks clearer with slightly truer colors. The P600 comes with 8 outlets. You might not need to plug the "record player" into any device, except to ground it properly. BTW: I have "Quiet Lines" and didn't notice any difference from them. (I had them before the powerplant).
An audio magic stealth would make a huge difference, it doesn't regenerate the power, it conditions it and does amazing things with it. I have two small ones, one for my analog, the other for the digital. I live in a city as well with dirty power and I used to have a powerplant, this think really blows it away. Just give it a try, people with the 4200 dollar sound application like it more.
believe it or not, even a turntable motor benefits from an upgrade AC cord & high stability power regeneration. Thus the VPI SDS with the Acoustic Sounds' special "turntable AC cord"
Your mind is rambling. Stop, take it easy and read the archives...
I second Smjason's recommendation. However try the larger Audio Magic Stealth.
Does the larger Audio Magic Stealth isolate differential noise coming from other components? How would you rate the effect a power conditioner has on your system... as high as NOS tubes?
"Does the larger Audio Magic Stealth isolate differential noise coming from other components"?
Good question, in your location, in your building I really don't know. At my home I don't have that problem. You could run everything off the larger Stealth using one dedicated line, instead of two dedicated lines (if you purchased the smaller units. I don't know what type of savings ($) that would be for you. (I have read very good reviews about the Audio Magic Stealth).
I like the way my system sounds going through my Equi-Tech Q2 ( Stealth could be better) as opposed to running off my dedicated AC lines.
The following person might be able to answer your question.http://www.audioexcellenceaz.com/audiomagic.htm
Don't do anything until you have run dedicated outlets to your stereo system...one for amps and one for source components. Even a separate one for digital if you can. Terminate them with cryo treated Acme or similar outlets. This is the first step for any kind of power conditioning. You may decide after hearing the difference that you don't need anything else. Only then would I start to audition power conditioners and cords. The Audio Magic Stealth is the best I have found, and I think I've had them all. As far as cords, I recently tried an HMS power cord with the Top Match box, and was blown away by what it does, especially for power amps.
I bought the Chang Lightspeed for these reasons:

Needed multiple outlets for all my components
Didn't have the space in my rack for a new component
My power isn't that bad- measure yours to see
Forbid my dumb question, but how do you feel that you need a power enhancement in general when you listen to the music?

How do anyone here feel that you need a power enhancement? Can anyone here say that for example I have an ideal wall outlet and have no need for any power tweaks except HomeDepot splitters or let's say hospital grade to fit all your components?
Hi Dennis: You raise some great questions. New dedicated electrical lines is a great start. Ensure that the new AC lines are connected (at the electrical box panel)on the same phase!
Depending on the power/current demands of your audio system either two or three (or more) seperate AC lines/circuits should be considered. You may find this strange, but once new (AC)lines are installed there will be a break-in period for the new wire and receptacles --1 to 2 weeks typically. One of the new lines should be dedicated to digital components since digital equipment sends considerable noise through the AC --particularly problematic when connected to the same AC line as analog equipment (pre, power etc.)
After that, you'll have to determine the general quality of your home AC. If your AC street-feed (transformers, wiring) is old and battered and high in noise, perhaps a balanced AC re-generator (Equitech/PS Audio etc) should be considered for your lower-power audio components and a quality P/C for your amplifier(s). This will help keep the cost down --as opposed to purchasing a huge AC-regenerating device capable of powering all equipment.
Even by using an AC re-generator, up-graded power cords have shown to improve sound even further!
Personally, I'd start (after your new AC lines)with quality power cords, then consider additional AC "cleaning".

peter jasz

I had one of those Triplights years ago. Stereophile may have run them out of business with their comments.Just about anything will help--lose that sucker.It is sucking your system.Like most of the posters here I think A M Stealth is the way to go. I use one just for my mono blocks,then another for my projector. ----AND to get the maxium from one's stealth;a "GREAT" power cord.
Marakanetz... that's just it, i'm not sure if i need a "power enhancement." i do feel a little weird pluggin all these thousands of dollars worth of equipment into a tripp lite surge protector. i don't really know what kind of AC power i have... and apart from buying that one line "sniffing" device, sean recommended it in another post (same people that make the quiet line), but that costs almost $200 right there!, just to see if i have OK power. what if i do, then what do i do with the device?..

just rambling thoughts here...
"just rambling thoughts here..."

I know--I've been there! just take it one step at a time, buy a couple isolation transformers from eBay and a power filter and start *experimenting*. There is no substitute for your own experience. If you ask questions like you just did you are bound to get confused.

There is a very interesting article titled "Noise Basics" in the DeZorel website (downloads). It's very informative. Makes you wonder "Why all these expensive Voodoo conditioners don't give me any specifications? What am I paying for then?

Plug your amps directly into the wall with a low-inductance cord. This will make a big difference in most cases. I have rescued many a customer system by simply doing this. If your area has lightning problems, get a lightning arrestor. Dont use the power filter for you amps.
Most of the surge protectors limit you ramp and squeeze the like out of your front in. They are a good idea for protecting form surges but the sonic damage that they do is not worth it.
I purchased a PS Audio PP300 for my front end and a 20 amp Ultimate Outlet for the and and sub. It sounds great. Used power cords are a good deal here at Audiogon. Most decent cords can be found for less than half price.