Power Conditioning: Exactpower vs. Rotel vs. other

A question for those on the forum: I am currently running a PS Audio Duet as a power conditioner for my system (McCormack DNA-125 is the main power hog). I was considering an upgrade to a better line conditioner or possibly a power regeneration unit. Maximum I could spend is $1000, but was hoping to keep it around $500 (new or used).

On my radar is a used ExactPower unit, which come in at under $1000 used. My local stereo store also has a Rotel RLC-1040 for $500 that the dealer swears by, and says it is silly to spend more unless your system retails for $50,000 plus (mine is probably a $25,000 system at equivalent retail). It is what he uses at home in his very nice system with ARC Ref 3 pre and monos.

Any ideas about what kind of improvements I can expect with the Rotel unit over my Duet, or how much better the Exactpower will sound? My power locally is pretty darn clean: we live in a hydroelectric state, and our power is not far down the line from the dams.
Get the EP and don't look back,YMMV,Bob
Dawg, Spend the money on a dedicated. Plug the DNA into the wall like you are supposed to, and keed the PS. The Rotel is just surge protection. Spend what is left from the budget on music.
Why don't you see if your dealer will let you take the Rotel home since he swears by it. If your connecting your amp into the Duet try it direct to the wall.
There is a Torus BX-5(6 outlet)on audiogon(1000.00)
It'll depend on the total amperage your power amp wants.
The Torus will give you more amperage than the wall can give,
and total isolation.Torus are superb conditioners,a bit pricey.they are quite the upgrade.
Is connecting my amp to the wall dangerous in case of a surge? Or, are amps fairly well insulated from that sort of thing? We get lightning strikes in this area.
I went from a Duet to an EP15A....bass tightened up and sound got cleaner but not hugely but I could hear it...I got the EP because I run tube gear and wanted something that kept the power at a steady 120 volts...my local power drifts a lot and this device will extend the life of my gear...I don't need to bias tubes much anymore....it's expensive but made like a tank and doesn't seem to affect dynamics like some have commented with the PS Audio Premier.
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I built a power conditioner using an isolation transformer with balanced outputs for about $400. The improvement was superb. You can read about it on the Plitron web site. I would recommend going for the "low noise" version transformer. Commercial units go for $2500.