Power Conditioning ?

I am looking for a power protection unit for my system and have seen brands like PS Audio, Monster, etc. But I haven't seen anyone mentioned here on Audiogon about products from APC (American Power Conversion). APC is THE largest and mose reputablepPower protection vendor in the US (and the world). I've worked for IT dept. of several companies and almost all power protections are from APC, except a few huge UPS for the entire server room. I'll bet if you go to your company's server room, you will see APC product all over the place.

My initial research leads me to believe that PS Audio or Monster et al. are way overpriced.

For example,

APC model 'Back-UPS RS'
--Automatic Voltage Regulation, surge protest, 600W output power, plus a 1000VA Battery (!) so you are saved from electricity blackout.
-- MSRP $250.

PS Audio model 'P500 Power Plant'
--Automatic Voltage Regulation, 500W output power
-- MSRP $1995

It is simply difficult (to say the least) for me to justify the 7X price hike. I'd appreciate the experts or gurus here on Audiogon can 'enlighten' me.

BTW, APC's homepage is: www.apcc.com
(you've probably already known PS Audio)

from Bay Area
If your looking for power "protection" do not concern yourself with power "conditioning". In general, power conditioning is expensive and protection is less expensive. Conditioning, surge protection, and UPS's are different
animals altogeter and depending on one's application/budget the decision shouldn't be too difficlt.
I hope this helped. If you need more info email me.
There are those members who use a computer type power conditioner for the front end digital source components, and even pre-amplifiers with enjoyment. Power amplifiers seem not to thrive on the cost effective computer industry power conditioners, and lose dynamic and rhythmic punch. Some years back when all of one system's components were plugged into one Tripp-lite power conditioner I was happy because I didn't know what I was missing. If you audition an amplifier through the better power cords plugged directly into the wall then you will hear the difference. The better cords eliminate much of the bad sound from your AC current, but won't help if lightning strikes. Two companies to check out for an amp power cord would be Marigo and Mapleshade, each with very different approaches to the sound of cleaner AC power without the conditioner box. The more expensive PS audio unit referred to in your posting helps provide highly consistent, optimized performance, but whether it is worth it to you depends on your own ears in your own listening room.
I've been in the computer industry for years also and I have used Tripplite LC1800 watt power conditioners, APC SMART 650,1000's etc.. and they limit current big time, shut down the soundstage, and add lots of noise (versus a good Audiophile conditioner). I've used MIT,Monster,Tice, and finally I am using PS Audio Powerplant which I bought new years ago and just bought the upgrade. It was expensive but the benifit is huge in my system, your mileage will vary and I recommend you try before you buy the hype to make sure it is worth it.
Thank you very much for your responses!

at this stage, my main concern is power protection. I have no prior experience of AC power's influence on sound quality. Will definately look into it.

I am surprised that SmartUPS limit current, especially 1000VA model since they are fairly powerful--have output power of 600W!

I am still a little puzzled at the AC Power will affect the sound quality -- wouldn't the power supply in the Amps/Sources take care of the imperfections in the process of converting AC to DC? Is there statistics showing how much electricity flucuation is in the US on a average day? and is it severe enough to affect audio performance? ... ok too many questions :-)

I'd really like to be sure before spend big money on the AC conditioning.

I have spent big money on power conditioning. I use the Audio Magic Matrix for my analog and the Digital Mini Stealth for my front end. Big money? Yes. Big difference in my sound system? YES! Works for me. There's no going back. Electricity is very mystical. Filled with little nasties. Hard to realize the deleterious effects it has on our systems, until we eliminate them. peace, warren
Check out Balanced Power Tech. Read up on way its done. I use the bpt-2 ultra.