Power conditioning

I'm not sure where to put this question. I'm sure there's a thousand more like it so if you have a link hit me with it. I have an amp, pre, cdp, powered sub, and dac. I can pick up a PS Audio Duet, Monster HTS 3600 MKII, or a PS Audio UPC 200 all for around $200. I'll probably end up with sub and amp directly into the wall. Comments on the 3 mentioned above?
I'd suggest picking up a Tara Labs PowerScreen AD/6C which can be had generally for around $300. I believe there is one posted by someone else at the moment. It has just the right amount of EMI, RFI and other noise suppression and will do a great job for your amps and front-end equipment. It is a passive conditioner and is non current-limiting.
I never had good luck with power conditioners. They have made a difference, but upon critical listening also made the sound less good in other ways. Audition by using it for a couple of weeks, then removing it to see if the conditioner is worthwhile.
What's a good way of protecting your gear, or having enough outlets, without getting a power conditioner or strip, besides getting a dedicated circuit?
Good power conditioners do make a difference, but most high quality units with 4+ outlets start in the $500-$1,000 range (used). A $200-$300 power conditioner probably won't provide much more benefit than a power strip as far as 2 channel music is concerned.

One exception is Shunyata's Hydra-2 that will give you upper tier performance, but it only has 2 outlets. They can be had used for $200-$300 (I believe you can find them new for $400).
I think your best bang-for-the-buck in that price range would be an Audience Adept Response Ar1, used for about $300. I use it in my BR system and it made a noticeable improvement in clarity, speed and transparency. I also use the AR6 in my main system and it is a near-transformative product.

I have used the PS Audio UPC and it is gopod, but will not make near the difference the AR1 will, IMHO.

I see I'll need a little more cash for a conditioner then. How about opinions on PS Audio Quintet? Or Furman Elite PF 15?
I've heard nothing positive, ever, about Furman. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
i agree strongly with the first poster. i recently purchased a tara labs power screen ad/6c and beyond replacing my watt puppy's with maxx's, i do not think i could have gotten this much improvement. this is coming from a guy who did not believe in power conditioners at all. it is hard to even explain the level of improvement. soundstage is vastly larger and more natural. there is an added clarity, sweetness and musicality (is that a word?!)...my runco plasma also improved so much that i need to recalibrate it. the colors are vivid and defined, blacks blacker and overall, i believe my hd picture rivals bluray now. i know this sounds extreme but i must reiterate how skeptical i was. i completely endorse that product! it can be had used for very little money too. good luck on your quest...