Power conditioning

I'm looking for a power conditioner for my McCormack DNA125; I'd also use it for my McCormack pre and my NAD CD player. There seems to be a lot of choices out there; my local dealer sells the Panamax, but so far I'm leaning towards the Hydra or Quintet. And advice would be welcome particularily from Steve. Thanks.
I vote 200% for the PS Audio Quintet.
Having used and sold Panamax, PS Audio and MIT power conditioners, I would agree with Dtsag that the Quintet is a great product and exceptional value.

The Shunyata, PS Audio and MIT conditioners are all a step above Panamax in terms of sound. All three good choices.
I've tried LOTS of them, and although they changed the sound, none of them changed it for the better on my system. Audition them in YOUR system for a few days, remove it and listen again without it and then determine its worth.
I have owned many PC's including PSA and Shunyata. I would recommend the RSA Haley.

Every once in a while I had sort of positive experience with power conditioners, but each time I would end up getting rid of them. Many of them bring some benefits; but there would always be a cost associated with it.
Whether folks like them or not, you at least need a very good surge protector. If you have any noise issues at all, that's a sign of needing one. Personally, I'm very happy with PS Audio.
I have owned many PC's including PSA and Shunyata. I would recommend the RSA Haley.


The RSA Haley is a great product. Evidently there is now an upgraded version with better capacitors and a carbon fiber faceplate. Should be worth looking into.
The only product I've used that actually improves the sound without restricting dynamics (assuming you don't connects a total of components that will draw more than 1500 watts continuous) is the PS Audio Power Plant Premier.

However, this is a power regenerator and conditioner.

I used in on all my source components, a TV and a surround amp.

Try to put a Duet before the PPP, you will be happy with the improvement.

My original plan is to speed up the burn-in process of a Duet by running the PPP thru it. But boy, once it is there, you won't take it out.
Ive used several and have settled with Pure Power APS 2000. This is a conditioner and re-generator like the PS PPP. The 2000 also has a battery back up included in its one box design. Extra stand alone battery units or available. The battery showed its use last night as we had a short loss of power. I did not miss a note of Led Zeppllins The Song Remains the Same on Lp. I also have noted increased air definition and a super quite back ground with micro details abundant as never before. I have not noted any negative effects using the PP2000. I started with just my Nuforce amps and added one component at a time and have the same positive effect. Highly recommended.
Another vote for Running Springs Haley... or any other if you want to spend the money
Running Springs Audio Duke and Danielle
here we go again. the power coming from a wall outlet should be 110-120 60hz. It is not always that. Everyone should have a power conditioner that gets rid of the "grunge" that comes down a power line, eliminates rfi, and keeps the output to within the 110-120 range. A lot of inexpensive power conditioners have been doing that for decades. Buy one that has been rated for hospital use. Tripp lite is a company that has been around for a long time. Clean power is clean power. Your components are designed to run on 120 ac, that's it. Expensive power conditioners, to be blunt, are a waste of money. Buy more music. Listen to more live performances. Remember, the power at the outlet is traveling on 50 cent a foot Romex. Every system should have a power conditioner, no one has to have an expensive one.
Another vote for the Pure Power APS, in my case, the lower output 1050. A very clear improvement in clarity and minimising background noise. Now I am thinking of adding a Quantum Q2/4, will it never end?
Here we go again, someone trying to tell people how to spend their money. Everyone should listen and judge for themself whether a particular line conditioner is worth the money. I use balanced power and find that it works well for me. The technology has sound (no pun intended) theory behind it.

What I do balk at is the thought of some of the very expensive line conditioners that have "technology" which the manufacturers are not showing us. Personaly, I would like to know exactly what I am being asked to pay a whole lot of money for. Nevertheless I don't begrudge anyone who thinks these products bring improvement to their system.
Gbart: Nowone is telling Swall3 what to buy, just telling him what has worked for us, so he can consider auditioning them
PS Audio
Has anyone had experience with Balanced Power?
Hello Swall3,

I'm running TORUS RM20 BALANCED (240VOLTS IN, & 120 OUT). This way I'm told that both legs of my breaker box would be brought into the PC (Power Conditioner). I am not an electrician but I must inform you that I don't hear the slightest of sound anymore when system idling, even when my hear is right on top of tweeter. Mind you I'm also running new BRYSTON 14BSST2 series amplifier. Have been a BRYSTON customer for 16 years. You can find more info at BRYSTON website.

Hope this helps a bit,
"Has anyone had experience with Balanced Power?"

Yes, I've been using balanced power for the past 5 years. I went the DIY way and already have a 4th generation rebuild in the works. I've experienced a lowered system noise floor, and improvements in detail, transparency and bass performance. Following are links to more information.