power conditioners

Idid not have much faith in this unit. I was baseing it mostly on lightening and stray voltages which where I live
wasn't a factor. At my bros house I saw and heard what happens when you overload your rig. He turned on an a.c. unit and you could hear some sort of interference and it was troubling to say the least. When the wallet says yes that's the next piece of my modest set. Hey, I'm learning and do take in opinions and read info so call me the sponge
Often the ones built for surge protection as their main focus don't sound that good.

A good conditioner can make a big difference only after you have your system well tuned and properly matched.
A power conditioner, Furman being the best, is worth the investment, especially with you run tubes.
Furman is by far not the best but I like them. For the money they protect well and don't degrade the sound like others do but Shunyata, Running Springs, Audience, and Theorem are in an entirely different league.
Shunyata, Running Springs, Audience protects and improves the sound to some degree.
I have been very happy with my PS Audio Quintet. Not in the same league as some of the high-end power conditioners mentioned above, but it cleaned up a lot of hum and noise in my system, and made my system sound smoother and more musical. I have not noticed any downside to having my system plugged into it. YMMV!