Power conditioners: Shunyata and PS Audio

Here is another meaninglessly subjective question. I am thinking about doing something bold and definitive with my power situation, and am thinking about either the Shunyata Triton or the PS Audio P10 regenerator. They are similarly priced. The Triton has received great reviews, but I like the idea of power regeneration--at least in theory. I suppose that I could buy both and then return one or the other, but I'd rather just pick a direction: both are obviously great machines. So, beyond the reviews and the tech talk, do you feel that any particular factor or factors puts one machine ahead of the other?

The problem with power regeneration is that it can also be power limiting. I had a PS Audio P300 than P600. I am currently using a Furman Elite 15 PFI for my preamp and source components. I would like to try a Shunyata power conditioner but don't have a dealer near me. I am using Shunyata power cords in my system. But the Furman is really makes a big difference. If I were to go the power regeneration direction again it would be with one of the Torus Power units.
Before buying either of these 'very pricey' units, I'd try Mapleshade's best power strip. I bought one of these more out of curiosity, only to find that it works very well for anything other than high-current monos which really need to go straight into the wall on a separate circuit (if possible) with an upgraded outlet plate.
Brauser, How long ago did you purchase your Mapleshade power strip? Their website doesn't currently show any of their AC cables or accessories.
Furman, eh? Maybe I should look into that. Didn't even know that Mapleshade made AC products.
But I believe that I have heard, hear and there, that the PSA regenerator is constricting. But then I've also heard reviewers say that it is phenomenal, irreplaceable. So who knows what to believe?
Rfprice, your AC power situation can be improved by (1) using dedicated lines for your audio & (2) using a regenerator or power conditioner.
I use a PS Audio P300 regenerator & my need stemmed mostly from the fact that i needed TT speed control & I preferred to by the P300 over a VPI or Walker motor control. I have my front end components plugged into the P300 & my preamp + power amp go straight into the wall. With this combination, I find there is no current restriction from the P300 & it controls the TT speed really well. I won't be giving up my P300 any time soon. In fact, I spent some more $ on it & had Rick Cullen in Calif upgrade my P300 to the latest version that has the Multiwave oscillator.
I did not find any power conditioner that i liked as I found them to be too limiting - their influence on the sonics was to limit them. I do use a RGPC 400 but that it used clean up the AC to the P300 only.
Hey Bombaywalla; no disrespect but have you even tried an Equitech 2Q or better yet a Sound Application Unit? It doesn't sound like you have. Either will 'Blow Away" any dedicated lines. I know, I have them all, with very advanced wiring used for extreme computer controlled systems use. I feel our responses should be experientially based.