Power conditioners MIT vs. Shunyata

I've been looking into power conditioners and researched the Mit w/ their parallel cicuitry. Does anyone have knowledge of this technology over almost every other conditioner( except Richard Gray, I believe ). Thanks
My system: dig. and analog sources; exemplar audio tube pre amp ; Klimo linnet tube monoblocks; usher cp6381
Accoustic zen spkr cables and IC's
PS Audio Premier Power Plant is reasonably priced and TAS product of the year
So far have been pleased with the Shunyata from the Guardian, Hydra 4 and lately the Hydra 8.
I was considering the z-strip, but recently bought an entire system that included a Hydra 2 and a Hydra 6 with all the PC's.
During my earlier searches I was just wondering about the "parallel technology" MIT talks about. I guess its not that big a deal,and most people seem to be happy with the shunyata products, as I am. Thanks for your time
If you can pick up an old used MIT Z stabilizer (the original beige toaster size item) and plug it in beside your power cord to your digital player, you'll immediately know what the parallel conditioning is all about. It will complement the nice items you bought. Let me know if you ever try it out. hings just get better from there-that was their 1st unit.Happy listening.