Power conditioners .... improve VIDEO?

I heard recently that certain power conditioners can actually improve video in home theater. I have a JVC projector, Toshiba HD DVD, Verizon FIOS and Meridian G68 AV processor.

Anyone have personal experience with this?

I find my powerline conditioners defintely do improve video.
The picture has much less grain, better clarity.
I have a Sony 42" plasma. Denon 5910 DVD, Monster 7000SS, Monster 5100 conditioner and Monster AVS2000 voltage stabilizer.
Same situation as audio.

It is going to depend on whether the power conditioner removes noise in the AC line that has been interfering with or degrading your picture.

If your AC line is already noise free to the point that the power supplies of your individual components are effectively filtering the DC needed at circuit level, then the power conditioner isn't going to add much, if anything. If your AC is so dirty that your component power supplies need help, then a power conditioner may benefit you.
the ps audio power plant premier is the best out there. it outperforms monster hands down.
Running Springs Audio not only improves audio performance, they improve video as well. Let me know if we can help.
The GOOD line conditioners certainly do improve not only the audio, but video as well. However, you need to use some good shielded power cords from the line conditioner to your components. What is the point of having an excellent line conditioner as a firewall, but the stock power cords are used to act as an attenna for EMI/RFI just before your components.

The whole chain of electric flow from your wall outlet onward need to be considered to get the FULL benefit of a good power conditioner like those CURRENT offering from PS Audio. Forget about their older models.
Isolation devices definitely improves the picture. I use 3 separate Topaz isloation transformers for the processor, amp and projector/DVD. After the projector-DVD transformer, the PJ and DVD are further separated from each other by 2 PS Audio Ultimate Outlets with one PS Audio Noise Harvester in each of the 2 Ultimate Outlets.

Each time I added another layer of isolation between the DVD and Projector the picture improved and I had to change the the Projector's settings. There probably a one box solution that does this.
ABSOLUTELY YES, as much or more then audio, imho. That is the thing I noticed most once I got a good Power conditioner. Even Better, after the conditioner, if your display has old lamp cord cable, replace it with cord upgrae. I have opened several TVs to install IEC and could tell the TVs were made fore iec and downgraded for cheap cord (often cut out is not there). If you don't want to open TV, I use a $5 adapter (I get from dedicated audio) that easily splices into old cord (no solder, a 10 minute surgery) and it adds UEC external from TV which is safer in terms of warrantee (I can't be sure on that). I promise that will give added improvement with a modest ($200) aftermarket cord. The 2 combined are amazing upgrade.
My old Tice Power Block gives me deeper colors, blacker blacks and more of a 3D image.
Please tell me more about shielded power cords. Because my wall-mounted plasma TV is located too far from my PS Audio line conditioner, I must use an extension cord between the conditioner and the TV’s stock power cord. Currently, I am using a heavy-duty 12-guage grounded “Home Depot quality” extension cord. Regarding the better video image (the topic of this post), is there a preferred/recommended extension cord that will outperform my current run-of-the-mill cords? Also, what about the stock power cord provided with the TV?


I have an early version of HD plasma, Viewsonic 425. The picture was never look good on HD (component inputs) for a few years until recently, when it is plugged in a Monster Power Bar 2000 MkII. The display is much improved with the conditioner. The picture can rival newer models with clearness and color correctness. In fact, I like the color of this Viewsonic more than many saturated color LCD/Plasma of my friends who have just got the LGs and Samsungs.

So I won't go without the power conditioner for the plasma.
Well I hope it works for me as I just bought adcom p/c in the hope for better video image and less noise.I have heard different opinions on the audio side however,I hope for the best.I will change the Power cord on my Sony HD TV also.
I added a Monster HTS2000 - really basic unit a couple years back and noted much more improvement in video on my Pioneer Elite 58" than audio. Not much cost, demonstrable improvement.
It's pretty shocking until you see it; improvements in image depth, noise, colors and black levels. The level of improvement depends on how bad the signal is in the first place, but improvements are obvious even with high def media. If you can swing it, the Transparent PowerIsolator Reference is brilliant.