Power Conditioners for TVs--??

I guess 1st off; I live in an apt.--thus ded. line is out.---I think living in a large complex (94 units)--(3 meter rooms)has to add much crap to everybody's power.

Now, the tv is the 61' JVC d-ila.--A light engine/bulb similar to lcd/dlp--- There are sooo mannny conditioners ---and especialy new versions of older conditioners ------- Oh,ya.they all promise to take your tv to "tv-heaven".---I'm afraid part of the reason why the classifieds are full of used conditioners is they didn't do much for 'that' owner. I appreaciate all the input/suggestions I can get. Thanks in advance Geo.
Hi George,

As I said in another thread, I have a Loewe Aconda set. I
use a Topaz 500 va isolation transformer. It gives me about
a 5-7% increase in picture quality, and the price was about
$50 for a new unit.

Thats not a big increase but, to do any better, if that is
possable, will cost you big bucks and be marginally better.

I only tried one other, the BMI Shark IPLC, it is great for
my other components, but did not improve the tv. With the
Topaz I can easily detect an improvement in picture
resolution, and overall quality.
The Running Springs Audio power devices are outstanding for both audio and video. You never see one on the used market for only one reason...
please tell us more about the Running Springs Audio power devices. thanks in advance. peace, warren
The PS Audio Outlet makes a substantial difference on both audio and TV. On TV, colors are substantially more saturated and the image takes on more of a 3D effect. If possible, get the High Current version, which provides more of these same benefits. You can read several reviews discussing these positives.
Thanks,Dne---You described just what I'm looking for (pun intended).
Hey George,
I had forgotten that I used to have two Ultimate Outlets.
My results were differant than Dne's, I saw and heard no
differance while useing them with the tv, or my components.
Thats why I sold them, but they might work for you.

A TV picture is usually more revealling of a power filter's flaws. Try a used Tice Video Solo power filter--good bang for the money. A Tice power cord (PC3) will help with the picture if you can't get a hold of a Video Solo.

A one brick DeZorel would be even better.


I just ordered the Audio Magic XXX. Jerry is going to burn it in for me;cause I'm so lazy. From what he said I should be tickled pink--and black and blu and red in the face--green with whatever) I'll post when it gets here.
Forgedda 'bout plugging your TV into that baby. Plug your stereo system into it. You're gonna love that baby. I went from the Stealth, to the Matrix and now, the Eclipse. Think I like their stuff?
After my lengthy conversation with Jerry I will actually be using it for both---along with 2 smaller units.
enjoy your new baby. I am very interested in your video impressions. I am considering purchasing a Mini for my DLP and DVD. Let us know, when you know.....