power conditioners for digital

Are there power condoners that are particularly good with digital? Most conditioners are weighted towards analogue (ex. 2 outlets for digital and 4 for analogue). I would like to find one that is all digital or at least has 4 outlets dedicated for digital.

My budget is in the $400 range but I don't want that to limit the discussion.

I use the Furman Elite -15pfi and like it a lot. It has four dedicated digital outlets and Furman generally has a good reputation. I run my display, cable box, dvd and Blu-ray through this unit and it works great. They also have a reference unit, but its significantly more expensive.
My highest recommendation goes to the PS Audio UPC 200. It effectively made my vintage analog system sound COMPLETLY digital. Can't ask for much more than that.
Take a peek at the SurgeX - you won't be disappointed!
Lokie, the separation of outlets ("ex. 2 outlets for digital and 4 for analogue") has nothing to do with digital or analogue per se. It's just separating the ground scheme between the sets of outlets, and perhaps adding some filters bewteen the two, to reduce interaction of digital with analogue, and perhaps not doing much of that. Buy any of them you think will be effective and use all the outlets for digital.

If you can install dedicated AC lines from the breaker box to your system, doing that first will give you greater benefit than installing a power conditioner. Dedicated electrical circuits are foundational for good audio and good video, and should be installed first in any system.
I have one dedicated circuit. I have the following components at this room: AV reciever, satellite box, av computer, tube dac, plasma tv, an amp for outdoor speakers, and a dvd player.

Except for the outdoor amp everything is digital.
If you have only one dedicated line, a still good alternative to the power conditioner is to add a second dedicated line and move the av computer to that line to get it further isolated from the signal processing gear.
There is not enough room on my transformer for another dedicated line.

You bring a point I would like to expand upon because I have a music serving computer at my two channel system also. I only have one dedicated line there also. It sounds like I should put the most sensitive gear (as you mentioned... "the signal processing gear") on the dedicated line with a power conditioner and the dirtiest violaters (computer, monitors and etc) on the non-homerun lines, again with another power conditioner.

I aslo forgot to mention that I have two 500 gig hard drives operating as my whole house servers that are also located at my AV room.

At my AV room I already have a Furutech e-TP80 and at my two channell rig I have an Isoclean 803A. But, I need more outlets for the digital stuff.

BPT can configure a CPC to your needs for around $400. Chris is a helpful manufacturer; can't hurt to give him a call.

Check out the Synergistic Research PowerCell. I'm using one on my front end and I'm amazed at the improvement. Previously I've used the Nordost Thor, Shunyata Hydra, and Running Springs. The PowerCell is in a class of it's own.
Why not try an APC H series? It has plugs for specially filtered plugs for digital, high amp plugins for the amp and sub, etc. It also filters and sets the voltage output to within 5% of 120 v. Reasonably priced too.
shunyata hydra (better still when you pair it with an alpha helix cord)