Power conditioners around $500

Does anyone have any thoughts on power conditioners in the $500 range (new or used)? For years I've been using an old Panamax 1000 and I think it's time to take a step up.

A few months ago I borrowed a PS Audio Quintet and I didn't like it at all. It etched the instruments razor tight, which seemed to deaden the air around the instruments and also seemed to exaggerate the separation between instruments. It seemed to suck the life out of the music. The Quintet had been on consignment at the local shop, so I am just assuming that it had been properly run in, but that might not be true.

I read a review of the Shunyata Guardian on Positive Feedback, and the reviewer mentions the same etching effect. PS Audio Power Center 3000 looks nice on paper. So does Furman. Does anyone have experience comparing these machines? I'm not running power-hungry equipment, just an integrated amp, DAC, and CDP.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
At this price I would look to Blue Circle's Thingee. Cheers
The Blue Circle Thingee FX2 is an amazing passive PC with an incredibly low noise floor....about $325. Very transparent, but no surge protection.
Blue Circle, eh? Never heard of it. I wonder if I will regret the lack of surge protection.
Any thoughts on the PS Audio Dectet, or Power Center 3000?
Can't go wrong with the Furman Elite series, great value for the money.
Shunyata Hydra 4 has worked wonders for me. Might be found used for that price. I bought mine new some years ago.
Here's another vote for the Blue Circle Thingee.
if you can find a running springs haley in your price range, they would be worth checking out.
In your price range there's really no compromise if you use Mapleshade Records power strip/power conditioner accompanied by a Machina Dynamica Flying Saucer (crazy name, great benefit) plugged into the unused adjacent AC wall socket, and a few other unused AC wall sockets in the listening room.

The resulting upgrade is full of life and texture, as well as illuminating fine detail.
The ons who are mentioned are doing just a little. Fisch Audiotechnik has a few which are superior to these. I compared them. I am not sure if it is available in the US. With those PSAudio you never will win any war, that's for sure!!
Bol1972... can you elaborate on the comparison you did between the Running Springs conditioners and the Fisch Audiotechnik? I am curious what advantages you found in favor of the Fisch. I am in no way questioning your findings, but rather am genuinely curious, as I have not had the opportunity to try a Fisch Audiotechnik piece but found the Running Springs EXTREMELY good in my system.
Fisch is a lot more dynamic and gives more decay and resolution. I have to say that I know the Shunyata and PSAudio. Those I have heard.
Bo1972 - thanks for the additional information. So then have you not personally auditioned the Running Springs power conditioners? Again, not questioning your findings, just really interested in the Fisch line if you found it superior to the RSA gear, as the RSA remains the best I've heard to date.
I don't know the RSA, so I cannot Judge. It is that simple. I love the Fisch for there price. I am Always looking for the best quality for each price for my clients.
Check Cullen Cable Power Box, only $219.
RF, can you swing a soldering iron?

I have built a number over the years. I can honestly say that with the exception of PS Audio PS300 on some source gear, it will match anything out there ... and it's dead easy to do.

Attached a URL of a very easy filter. Easy as pie, 3 resistors, two inductors, a cheap project box and any hospital grade power cable. Done.


And yeah, I have open a few boutique units. You'd be horrified to see what in them.


Note, I don't know the author of the article nor do I endorse anything on it. I happened to have built similar units with good result. YMMV.
Ps audio makes outstanding conditioners for the price. In the past, my experience with the Duet and Quintet was remarkable..sonic improvements were noticeable.
If you have the space I say go for a Tice PowerBlock. I've found them for about $250-$350 used if you are lucky but they are big and bulky.
I have owned a number of power conditioners, including the Synergistic Research PowerCell 10SE, Running Springs Haley, and Pi Audio Uber Buss. I always went back to my Balanced Power Technologies CPC with stock power cord. New, it is in your price range.

I thought the Running Springs Haley truncated dynamics and collapsed the soundstage, the SR Power Cell was fatiguing, and the Pi Uber Buss was underwhelming (not bad, but not as good as the CPC.) The CPC seems to eliminate noise, but does nothing to limit dynamics in the slightest and in my setup widened the soundstage.

Now I own an amp that has an internal power conditioner, so have no need for any conditioner. I like BPT so much that I have ordered a maxed out version of their Pure Power Center, which is like a high-end power strip with zero filtering. BPT has been around a long time. The owner Chris Hoff rarely if ever comes out with new models or versions. So BPT does not get the attention he deserves or could drum up if he came out with a new "breakthrough" every 2 or 3 years.
Hi guys, I've been away for a while. Thanks for all the recommendations. I got a great deal on a Dectet, so I went with it. I can't find anything to dislike about it yet, and frankly I haven't had much time to really do a critical evaluation. (I bought a new PWD DAC II at the same time that I bought the Dectet. Ironically, as usual, I haven't had much time to really enjoy either.)

Pauly, I doff my hat to those brave few who build their own electronics.