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I have been researching AC conditioners and the more I read the more I am confused. There are passive units such as the Running Springs and Velocitor and then there are the ones using transformers for "balanced power". Is one better for the front end and one for the amplifiers? Any info or opinion would be appreciated. Don
I really can't answer your question. However I can tell you I have Panamax, Monster, Ps Audio, Richard Gray and
have settled on the Running Springs. I was able to doa week long in home demo and when I took it back I came home and realized my system had lost what I grown to love in the past few days. I have a Jaco on main system and a Haley
on the video cabinet and beleive I am set for life. I do have a full Cardas wired system and RS uses Cardas wiring and Power Cables, that synergy may be the key, but don't know for sure.
The forces and the masses are against you but it really doesn't need to be confusing.

You might take a look at this other thread.

Don't be confused about line conditioning

I use a Isotech GII Mini Sub on pre and source and a Titan for my amps with fantastic results.
I have tried exact power,equitech,richard gray,monster.
Best results was the Isotech products.

The GII Mini sub can also handle amps because it has two High Output recepticles..all outlets isolate equiptment from each other.
That's the problem with researching, many times the more you read the more confused you will become.
Just as with all things in this hobby, the best conditioner for your system can only really be chosen by you. Others can tell you what worked for them, but system synergy and personal musical taste vary so much that no one can tell you what will work best for you.

My reco would be to search the classifieds, and be patient. When you see a good deal on a unit that intrigues you, buy it and try it. If you like it, you're done, if not, try another.

One thing I would suggest on researching is to find out what the PLC does, and what you want. For instance, you have the RSA and the Walker listed together under passive conditioners. While they technically are both passive, the RSA offers surge protection while the Walker does not. This may or may not mean something to you.

I have a dedicated 20 amp line to my system and still benefit from balanced power condtioning. There is a BPT FS on Audio Asylum
I really like my TORUS 240v 15a balanced power isolation component.I am running 6 components and 3X 7bssts and a 4b-sst.She's DEAD QUIET.When funds are available will purchase
a 20a version just for the amps.There pricey (3000.00).
There is a review in Sereophile(using a pair of 28 B-ssts)
and there on the BRYSTON SITE.There is lots of reviews ect.
I would recommend Alan Maher's Power Enhancer V. It's a passive unit that works well with any audio equipment. At $275 it's a no brainer.
I went with very recently with a PSAudio Duet Power Center for $299.00. I guess you can call it a passive unit. It filters the A/C power and a surge protector far better than the mass market protectors out there. It also provides four 120VAC outlets. No question there is a large difference in the overall soundstage, detail, and clarity of the music being reproduced. There's an excellent technical video on the Duet at their website psaudio.com. I also recommend folks watch their DVD called "Coal to Coltrane". They send it out free and it's a study on power in general. Very well done by their own staff and includes their President Paul McGowan. Their website is jam packed with well researched technical info on power, power cords, cable, etc. I believe in their products.
Briefly. balanced power is good for both ends. Equitechs website is quite informative with no mumbo jumbo
or magic act.
It is hard science and indisputable.
That said
there are excellent results to be had using complimentary p/c's with(after) the Equitech. And that too is fact.
if you can find a used accuphase ps-500 here in audiogon, this would be the cats meow. i purchase a ps-500 here in audiogon for $2800 and it was rated 10/10. This is an extremely good power conditioner. If you don't need more then 500w of power, then this ps-500 will be your last purchase for a power conditioner.
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That ad is a bit loong..
Been using Richard Gray Power Company (RGPC) Pro 400 over 10 years w/o  issue.