Power conditioners

Has adding a power conditioner like the Monster AVS 2000 improved anyone's sound system and in what way?
I have a Bryston 4BST amp, 25BP preamp, a 5 disk parasound CD player, and a a Meridian 508 single disk CD player with Revel F30 speakers.
There's lots of folks who have liked the results with a power conditioner (I have), and there's lots of threads addressing your question in the searchable archives.
This is a thread that draws, as a rule, a plethora of conditioner raps: pro and con, and then, which one to buy, if you want to go that route. I own the Audio Magic Matrix for my analog end and the Stealth Mini Digital for my front end. I can't be without them. Listened to my system a few months back, (when I was selling my, original, Stealth) without any conditioner and my music was missing the lovely things that I, obviously, had taken for granted. Soundstage depth and width, bass and a host of other audio lingo superlatives you hear all the time, which really mean, to me, nothing on paper. Power conditioning depends (the benefits that is) on where you live and what's happening electrically in your area. Electricity is very mystical and behaves differently with all...I love my Audio Magic power conditioners. Find one used, doesn't do it?--sell it for what you paid. You'll keep it. peace, warren
I bought the Exact Power combo - you will not be disappointed.
`Good post Warrenh, got everthing spot on. RE the avs 2000---I have one. I believe its strengths are in video.i.e. my tv(rear proj 60 incher) I also have 2 of the A.M. Stealths and feel like the one for my CJ monos; make my amps sound like they are on steroids.
I bought a AVS 2000 when they first came out.I had to return it because it made a audible clicking noise that I could here from my seating area 12' away.I was told that they were going to try to correct this condition.This clicking only happens when there is an overvoltage situation.Has anybody heard if they fixed or modified these units so that it is quieter durring the overvoltage correction proccess.
You may want to try the power conditioners labs and hospitals use by Oneac or Powervar. These are true power conditioners and have built in isolation transformers. Can be had used on Ebay for a small fraction of their new price. A 500 dollar one will go for about 50 bucks or a thousand dollar one for 100 or so.

Can you provide more info on Oneac or Powervar? These units sound very interesting to me because of their lost cost. I would like to know more. Can they be used on computers as well?

Whoops... I meant relative low cost (not lost cost)

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