Power Conditioners

What power conditioners work? I have heard alot about Cinepro and PS audio, does anyone have any idea which works the best, and why?
The PS Audio is/are not a conditioner. They actually convert the AC Power back into DC and then regenerate perfectly clean AC Power. If you can afford one of those give it a try. Make sure you get the right model for your equipment. PS Audio will help you with this. For conditioners, the makers I have tried and like are Vansevers and Audio Power. The vansevers are tuneable/ tweekable which is nice. Has switches on the back of the better models. Vansevers also makes tuneable power cords.
Yes they work, but they work in different degrees. If you are one of the unfortunate souls who has "bad" power, a line conditioner will have a more dramatic effect than for one who has "good" power. A good quality (a very subjective phrase) line conditioner should be in the $400-1000 range, depending on your needs, such as quantity of amps, and other equipment. PS Audio make great products but are much more limited as to how many pieces you can plug into them. I concider CinePro a good piece, also look at Tice, and Chang (maybe even Monster, but demo first!!!). Panamax make a few good ones as well (their early models got good reviews). Check out audioreview.com
I have heard from a couple dealers that the new Shunyata Research Hydra is "THE" conditioner! Has anyone used it yet?