Power conditioner with Ayre amps

I have an Ayre V-1xe and a V-6xe. I know the guys at Ayre say that the amps should be plugged directly into the wall but has anyone tried something like the Torus of Richard Gray units with them?
I'm sure other people will have opinions why amps should be
plugged directly into the wall as alot of conditioners will
restrict power to the amps.Bryston also said the same thing
with their amps.Then the Torus came out which does not restrict and also with the oversized transformer,has stored energy for the amps(up to 400a,I believe(short term).I don't
run Ayre,I do run 3x7Bsst+2X4Bssts,and the Torus is a HUGE,
upgrade.If you can try one out from a dealer to hear what your are missing out on,I know you won't be dissapointed.
some conditioners don't restrict power from the wall,BUT that's all the wall can give is the 15a,20a ect.The Torus will give way more if your amps call for it.
the audiocircle website(under Bryston has alot of information about what the Torus will do),also James Tanner
will answer all your questions about the Torus.All I can
really say again is You will not be dissapointed.
Don't have any personal experience with it, but I've read other posts that imply that the power conditioning built into Ayre products doesn't always mesh well with other power conditioners. The Torus or others may still work wonders with it, but I only mention it because there may be more than just power restriction at work here. I would imagine the guys at Ayre could give you more info. on this.
have you tried the Ayre L5 power conditioner...it seems to work nicely in my system
The L-5 made a nice difference in my Ayre sytem, also.
Running Springs Jaco
the L5 works nicely with Ayre gear
If you really care about your expensive system and until all the others catch up with battery backup, I believe there is only one brand to buy: APC's S-series. And it sounds good too, according to my favorite reviewer, Martin G. DeWulf.
We use to use APC products to provide battery backup and protection for our IT system....they have not held up well...batteries tend not to hold up well...as to sound have no idea.
I have also used APC backup systems ever since I have a home computer, without a single problem.
I use APC (not the battery version) and think it is great value for what it does (yes it can supply power to modest sized amps). Can you spend a lot more? Yes - sure you can. But do you need to? Now that is the question -it will depend on your system and your power issues...