Power Conditioner, which of these 4 and why?

I am watching 4 ads on audiogon.  which would you pick and why, currently have a furman 15

Audience AR6-T Power Conditioner WITH upgraded 2m Power
 ISOTEK - EVO3 Aquarius Power Conditioner with Premier C.

Silver Circle Audio Pure Power One 5.0
 Shunyata Research MPC-12 Power Conditioner (with SSF38 .

Thank You!

what are your needs? (filtering, surge protections, etc) and what components do you plan to connect?
Good questions, i left that out

Needs? Not sure, just clean up crappy NJ power grid electric.

system: mini-pc into Chord DAC into PrimaLuna evo-300 integrated into GoldeEar Triton 1R


Here is one I have -
seems to do the job plus lots of positive reviews and a small investment.

I have GE Triton References and I use 3 Shunyata Hydra power conditioners in my system.  One for source components, one for amp And preamp and one for the speakers. The Shunyata are non-current limiting and my system is really dead quiet.  I can turn the volume up full on my tube preamp without a peep from the speakers. 
Try the Add Pwer Sorcer 4X.

Consider a used Ayre L5xe. It was highly recommended to me by someone with strong technical credentials who helped me sort through all the marketing hype to find something better than a high quality power strip to plug my front end components into. Great build quality, four outlets, dead quiet backgrounds. Using it with a WyWires Platinum Series power cord but you can get away with any good quality power cord with this unit.
If strictly limited to those 4, then Audience.
If not limited, without a doubt the Inakustik AC-3500p.
M, not trying to hijack, just curious. How is the PL integrated working out with the Triton 1R speakers??? A good match? I have a PL integrated also.
I don’t know about the others. But if those you listed I have the Shunyata MPC. There is some filtering going on with them. I think there build quality is terrific. You may want to add a Shunyata Defender. But a better solution in my opinion is to get a PS Audio PowerPlant. That unit will complete regenerate your power into a clean sine wave like no Power Conditioner can do. That is how I have gone. I use my Shunyata MPC and PS8s in my two systems as extra outlets and power distributors for my PowerPlants. Wall outlets are Shunyata too. I also bought on Amazon some Green Wave dirty electricity filters. With all that I have been very pleased. But the core of the power handling is the PS Audio PowerPlant. 
Thanks all for input.  I bought the Shunyata listed above.  

To Tuberist: re: PL integrated with the triton 1r.  The amp and speakers not broken in yet, but a match made in heaven.   The mids/highs are way better and more defined than i thought would be.  The bass is ridiculous, hit you in the chest type bass but not too boomy (recording dependent) but you can go, since build in amp, turn the knob to bass level for room. 
supper combos, these 1r’s Blow away speakers i have auditioned at more than double their price.    
+1 on the Inakustik AC-3500p.

I worship this power conditioner and the life it brought to my audio experience. Look into the Inakustik thread on this forum. I was very skeptical on the claims some owners made. But decided to take a leap of faith. Stunning is a mild word if I have to describe it. No doubt you will not find a single unit on the used market. I have provided my honest opinion. Hope you get a chance to experience the Inakustik AC-3500p. Good luck. 
I tried many and found warts in all.  Try them in your own system
PS Audio power 15 generator really a power amp. Had the Audioquest Niagara 5000 traded it in for the PS audio unit.

Takes much out much more THD without 
robbing my system if it’s sound like the Niagara did. (In my opinion the 5000 was a very expensive surge protector 

I just bought the Isotek Aquarius.  I like it very much.  I have a Bryston 14bsst amp, a deHavilland preamp and a Wadia 581. Dead quiet soundstage, sparkling highs and nice bass.  The Isotek runs cool to the touch.  I solid investment for me personally.  I will soon add a couple of streaming/DAC devices to it.  
If you’re able to step up your game, I highly recommend Gigawatt. I own the new PowerPrime. 

I just returned from RMAF and noticed many of the high end rooms were running Gigawatt products. 

I had some. ((Bybees x 2), Acoustic Revive, PS Audio...)The one that beats them all in MY system is the Torus.