Power conditioner vs line isolator

Anyone know the difference between a line filter/conditioner vs a line isolator. Is there a difference between the two or are they the same thing. Also, does it make a huge difference or is it minimal? Lastly, how would I know if I needed one or not? Right now I'm using a Furman Elite on the pre, cdd, DAC , etc but amps go the wall. The outlet is hospital grade Hubbell and my circuit is dedicated for the equipment only. I'm testing higher end power cords and have noticed dramatic improvement. Someone suggested i should purchase a line isolator and it wood widen the soundstage, as depth and give the system that airy, crystally type sound. Any thoughts??
Your set. Now you can enjoy. A better power cord then stock will improve the sound. Signal Cable makes a real nice power cord that works great, and affordable.

The virtues you suggest are what you can expect from a balanced output isolation transformer, which in itself is preferable to line conditioners which are inconsistent and somewhat fussy with what they power. They are totally different options electrically.

Try demo versions to get an better idea of what each will do in your system if possible.
A proper built Power conditioner will do this for you. Not the Audiophile Grade stuff which is a big disappointment. Iv tried a tons of Power Conditioners from the Audio Market and over 90 percent of them are a disappointment.

If you are serious about your Audio Gear and the power in the house. I suggest you give Ralph Karsten a Call. He has a Lab grade Power conditioner which are considred one of the fastest response time on the planet for any power conditioner. This unit will clean up alot of the issues with out restricting dynamics of the system.

Ralph can be contacted at Atma-Sphere.com
Likewise; very few do anything really worthwhile in my opinion, hence building my own. 3 friends have now ordered one each such is the difference..

Best regards, Paul.