Power Conditioner /UPS Suggestions-Belkin?

How come there is not much ink on the Belkin PureAV Hybrid AVU1500 UPS . Seems well built,lots of features,good specs,good price
It is the usual playes of panamax,APC furman etc
any thoughts
In this industry, the heavy players do alot of advertisement (ex. Monster Power). Although they (Monster) do extensive marketing, they in my opinion arent the best bang for the buck. As you realized, not much is said of Belkin Pure AV and I personally think they make a great product for the price they market it for. I would be happy to offer you a price quote if you are in the market for it. Good luck!
Yup, Brickwall!
No MOV's.
Why not check out SurgeX, no MOV and made in USA!