Power Conditioner to replace my Monster 3600

I have the itch to upgrade my power conditioner. Do not really notice any difference when using my HTS3600 vs. directly plugging into wall.

I did wire my lower level HT area with a dedicated 20A circuit and 12 ga wire. I also upgraded and installed all Hubbel hospital grade outlets.

I am using a Rotel 1095 200x5 amp, and Rotel 1066 Processor to drive my Proac Studio 200 speakers. I have recently upgraded my PC's from stock factory to VH Flavor 1 and 4's with Furutech Gold and Palladium Plugs. This made a step improvement in overall depth and soundstage.
Buy some PS audio stuff.
Audio Magic has some great conditioners, I have a Audio magic Stealth, love it. lots of threads on them. YOU CANT GO WRONG.
I second the PS Audio. I have a P600 (MWII) which I plug all front end equipment into. Not even in the same galaxy how it sounds vs straight to the wall.
I have tried Nordost, Shunyata, Exacy power, PS Audio, and others over the past few years....I bought a Balanced Power Tech 2.5 signature and it blows them all away...you can get into one of their units very affordably as well...

I gave up on the PS units as the P300 was noisy with the fan and didn't put out enough juice to power my front end let alone my amps, and I had a P600 that was the size of a house and still stuggled to power amps while gougin my electricity bill as it is a huge constant current draw.

If you need a regenerator the Exact Power is far superior to the PS, no noise, no heat and more power...if you just want a good conditioner get a Balanced Power Tech
I recently went from a Monster Powerbar 1100 to a Blue Circle Music Ring 1200. I now know what they mean by a blacker background and more space around the instruments and vocals. I always heard people saying that but until I heard the change in my system I had no idea what they meant. Blue Circle splits the signal into seperate 60V positive and negative legs and then has 3 seperate 400 Watt transformers, one for each duplex outlet. A wonderful change for me.

I also replaced my Monster conditioner with BPT(Balanced Power). Mine is a 3.5+ Signature. It was a huge improvement over what I had - it really cleans up the sound and lowers the noise floor tremendously, at least in my system.