Power Conditioner/Surge Protection for my System

I need some advice from my fellow audio enthusiasts. I read through the threads and couldn't find much help on my situation.

I currently have 2 dedicated lines installed. I use one for my power amp and one for the rest for my electronics (everything listed below). It was a noticeable improvement and would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an upgrade. Due to power outages from spring storms I have fried an eprom chip in one of my components twice in the last couple years (I leave my equipment on 24/7 in standby mode). It was no problem to replace, but I really need to do something to protect my investment.

What I am looking for is a power conditioner / surge protector that doesn’t need to necessarily help my sound (although I wouldn’t mind), but one that doesn’t hurt it.

I have tossed around getting something from Shunyata or Richard Gray, but saw some others out there and thought I would maybe get some advice. I was initially thinking about a Hydra 4 for my components and a Hydra 2 for my amp.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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i run my amps through a richard gray 400 and my front end through a ps audio power plant premier. i am very happy with that set up
Dewinkle looking at the same issue here in Kansas. The thunderstorms seem a bit more aggressive this year.

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Synergistic Research Powercell

Shunyata should suit you well along with Transparent products like the PIR and PIMM.
Furman ref IT 15 or better yet 20 --just great !!
I use a Marigo, but I think they are not made anymore. I would check out the Richard Grey. But still, nothing prevents lightning from frying a system. Unplug during storms.
Give the PS Audio Power Plant Premier a try. It just won two awards in TAS. I agree it's the best protection as well!
Dewinkle, I'm currently using the Richard Gray power House. It made a remarkable difference sonically. I can't say for the price of the unit vs the performance it will be worth it for you. Prior to purchasing I spoke with Dick McCarthy and Rick Komendera on and off for about 2-3 months and also heavily with the manufacturer. Do a whole lot of research before buying anything. Having money in your pocket vs regreting a bad decision is a better choice. The step down transformer from 220v to 120v gives more head room and a much blacker background. I was able to get a very good deal price wise, so for me the investment was a good one. Oh one precaution, the unit is about 400 lbs!