Power conditioner/surge protection for Hegel H200?

I recently bought a Hegel H200 integrated which I'm very happy with, but it's plugged into a knob-and-tube 2-wire wall socket (via an adapter, of course) and I'm thinking my system the might benefit from some power conditioning. It's also been strongly recommended that I get some good surge protection for it. I've only done online research so far, looking at PS Audio Dectet, Richard Gray, Surgex, Shunyata and a few others. Would be grateful for recommendations.
Mapleshade Records also sells a passive power strip conditioner which does not limit power (this I use), as well as a surge protection option which is said to not degrade more than 2% of the sound quality through their strip (never tried by me).
Also recommended is the Machina Dynamica Flying Saucer RFI/EMI reducer (no power limiting) to be plugged into the AC outlet immediately adjacent to the one into which you plug the power strip conditioner. I also use a number of these in other unused AC outlets throughout the listening room, and in other rooms since price is so modest, and benefit quite wonderful.
I second the recommendation on the WyWires Power Broker. I have had the Gold version for a while now and it did a fantastic job with the Hegel H300 and is a phenomenal all-around piece.
I asked the same question to Hegel directly and they recommend plugging the amp directly to the wall outlet.