Power Conditioner Suggestions

I'm coming off of a Monster 3500 Mk II unit and need a nice step up...$1k to $1400 used range. Thinking about Blue Circle, Richard Gray, PS Audio, Shunyata...etc. It seems that there isn't many head to head comparisons out their. Has anyone done direct comparisons? While I'd love to include Audience or Walker or Thor in this discussion, I can't reach that far!?!

Thanks for your thoughts
Chadlesko, I have had Richard Grey and Shunyata power conditioners in my system at different times and believe that Running Springs Audio's Jaco line conditioner was superior to both of them. I wrote a review of the Jaco here on the GON that you might find interesting/informative. Running Springs Audio makes other models in your price range, that offer the same level of sonic performance, just less outlets and total power ability.
BPT. I had a signature 3.5 plus and it made the others here mentioned mincemeat, although I haven't heard the RSA it's supposed to be pretty good and a good value. I'd be cautious on some of the others as they can do more harm than good on balance, but then again having Monster you know that!
For those not requiring a lightning protection type conditioner, don't overlook the more modestly priced Mapleshade Records Power Strip. Get their top of the line version.
It yields the benefits of non-current limited power conditioning in a strange appearing design.
Especially impressive are benefits conferred upon classic older fixed power cord equipment where you might otherwise be considering hardware mod to allow use of better quality power cords.
Thanks for your opinions guys. I haven't heard of RSA and will definitely look into them. As for BPT, this is the second recommendation and will start to investigate. All other opinions are welcome...
I would also recommend the BPT, very high value for the money and can be ordered many different ways. Shunyata Hydra also works quite well, but in my system was just a touch bright, though very detailed and dynamic. The PS audio powerplants work very well if you have voltage issues, if not I think the BPT does a better job of removing grunge and lowering the moise floor. Don't know much about the others mentioned.
I really enjoy my Shunyata for my audio, (Hydra 6 for my front end components and a Hydra 2 for my amps) and Richard Gray for my HDTV and Tivo.
Thanks to all...does anyone have experience with Quantums Symphony Pro? I do not have voltage issues, but I do have a louder noise floor than I wish for. I'm considering the Symphony and either a high grade power strip or a BPT for voltage protection.
Having heard a Quantum Symphony Pro demo at one of the Stereophile Home Entertainment Shows, there is an obvious improvement in sound quality. If you can do a simple home or dealer demo then I think it should impress you with the way it removes noise.
In one of my systems, the front-end digital components are plugged into the predecessor of their current beginner model Q-Bar Power Strip, and the "cleansing" (elimination) of previously un-noted noise was startling.
I heard a subltle difference with the QSP. Adding a second QSP made a bigger difference. Go figure. Summed up, I could hear deeper into the recording. More ambience came thru. It sounded clearer. Still subtle tho worthwhile improvement. I would recommend it if you are fine tuning a high quality system.