Power conditioner some say yes and some say no.

Depending on who I ask a power transformer conditioner can have a good effect on the sound while others claim they inhibit the dynamics of an amp. I don’t have serious power problems as far as I know but I enjoy my sound most of the time. I currently use a Hydra 6 for my entire system except for my amp where I use a Hydra 2. Would it make sense to invest thousands on a power transformer conditioner or would my Hydras be enough by isolating the components from each other. I was waiting for a Keces IQRP 3600 to try but the dealer I was to get it from died from Covid-19 before arranging my Keces to be shipped. I am out $4000 and am not so fast to drop another $4000 on the Keces. Perhaps in the future if it makes sense. I find that not many use transformer conditioners due to the dynamics limitations of the amp. Any help would be appreciated.
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I say yes and no.

I plug my Primaluna Evo400 right into the wall. It is the only component plugged into that dedicated circuit.

The rest of my components (2 analogue and 2 digital) are plugged into 2 Furman AC-215As. Each Furman has only 2 sockets. One Furman for the digital side and one for analog. The AC-215As are set into a thin hardwood sled that rests nicely behind the rack and below the 2nd dedicated circuit.

Keeping the signal and power cables crossing at 90 degrees eliminated the occasional slight intermittent noise coming from the speakers.

Wall outlets. How charming. 
Seems to me that it would depend on what the needs are. Voltage regulation, DC blockage, filtering of RFI and/or EMI. Conditioners differ in there ability to affect these different issues. There are conditioners, voltage regenerators, and filters. Some use a combination of these. I have no experience with any of the aforementioned devices.

At the moment I plug my Pass XA25 amplifier direct to a dedicated line. My Aric Audio Pre is on a second dedicated line. My digital equipment is on a third separate dedicated line run through a Emotiva CMX2  into a PS Audio Ultimate outlet (a balun transformer). Outlet ->PS UO->CMX2 -> equipment.
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+1 for Puritan power conditioner
Which will easily deliver sufficient current flow for almost all systems, while providing noise separation between devices. I have over 1Kw of current drawing devices plugged into mine.

There are devices that do not support such current flow, Puritan is not one of them.
This is a good interview with Nelson Pass on the topic, as he takes a practical view: https://www.stereophile.com/content/power-according-pass