Power Conditioner recommendations?

I presently have a very old power conditioner. I would like to upgrade and would appreciate any recommendations. My knowledge is limited so I prefer to purchase electronics new and I'd like to spend less than $300.00 if possible. My system is pretty basic: Yamaha N803 receiver, Yamaha CD, Vandersteen speakers, I stream Spotify.  I'm still trying to tweak without getting too expensive. Thanks for any help.  Doug
Audioquest has the new Powerquest 1 and 2. I think the 2 is about $300. 
I've been looking for a new one as well. Planning on picking a Powerquest 2 next month.
The Furman PST-8 series is an excellent low priced unit. Contains some of their same technologies used in the higher priced units.
Please see my thoughts on the matter. I agree with jaybe, in your price range the PST-8 with LiFT and SMP is the way to go.

Another recommendation of Furman products. I have a PST-6 in my office and an Elite 15i 7-outlet unit in my living room. The 15i has a readout of the voltage it's supplying and I've never seen it more than two volts off 120.

This product caught me eye a few days ago:

And coming soon is a review of their power strip at about half the cost but coming in at around 90% of the effectiveness. 

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I agree, the PST-8 with LiFT and SMP is the way to go. 
Thanks all,  I really appreciate the help.  Doug
@dwhess Does your conditioner improve the sound compared to no conditioner?  I'm just wondering what may be gained by this replacement or exactly what you're trying to accomplish.
That's a smart question. The one I have doesn't seem to do much in the way of improving the sound. Based on advice I received here, I just ordered a Furman PST-8.  Thanks.  Doug
@dwhess, after you have had an oppertunity to use your Furman PST-8, please let us know on this forum how you like it and your thoughts.