Power Conditioner Recommendation Requested

I am looking for a power conditioner that handles electrical spikes and surges for my Luxman 590ax Class A amp (high current) and Ayre CX-7eMP CD player.

Since my system is in my living room, I am restricted to a compact unit and cannot get a larger unit like the Furman Elite 15 DMI or the Furman Elite 15 PFI (4" high, 17" wide x 14.75" deep). The Furman AC-215A is the right size but it will not handle my Class A amplifier. The Synergistic Research PowerCell 4 (perfect size) was recommended but it costs $1,250 and I am checking to see if it handles electrical spikes and surges.

My space can handle the 17" width but I need to have less depth (less than 9, if possible). I prefer to keep the cost around $500 (if possible).

Does my Luxman 590ax Class A amp require a power conditioner or should I plug it into the wall? My area does have electrical surges and spikes. Does anyone have any recommendations?
You should check out PS audio web site, they have several that work well. I would plug amp into the wall.
good luck pete
Here's an idea,

1) figure out how much electricity the 590ax draws. You can do this by picking up a Kill-A-Watt EZ at H-Depot for $30.

2) Pick up an Ultra Isolation Transformer on eBay that is about twice the wattage or VA that you will need. Cost depends on the size you need, and usually from $100-$500.00

3)Go to your breaker box and find the breaker that is used for your system. Have the transformer wired directly to the breaker on the transformer input side and wire the output side with the Romex that leads to your system.


Your system will be protected from spikes and surges as well as isolated from all of the other noise on the line.

Check building codes before doing this!!!

Good Luck,
I own top of the line Shunyata conditioning gear and promise you that the best defense against surges and spikes is a whole house surge protector installed at the breaker box. ($250 installed)

Your Luxman will do best either plugged directly into the wall or into a non current limiting conditioner, but IMHO there isn't one of sufficient quality in your price range. You could try a $195 Shunyata defender at the duplex where your amp is plugged in. I believe music direct offers a free trial and the device does not limit current.

Earlier I wrote,

figure out how much electricity the 590ax draws.

What I should have said was to measure the amount of electricity your system uses.
I kind of like the idea of some sort of isolation at the breaker box, or just save up for a dedicated line. And in a perfect world a regenerator.
If you are going to go with a whole house surge protector, I strongly suggest you look into the Environmental Potentials EP 2050. It will run you a little more than your budget, but it is more than a simple surge protector. It will also send the noise from all of the houses that are on the same transformer back down the neutral and isolate your house from them. I use one and like what it does. Do a search to get more info on this great product.

Good luck,