Power Conditioner recommendation

Looking for a recommendation for a power conditioner. I have 2 separate 20 amp circuits directly to the panel box so I was wondering if there is something available with 2 power cords that splits up internally? I don't want to break the bank but will be disappointed if I don't hear a difference in sound quality.
Synergistic Research is my list.
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I like PurePower, they are regenerators with battery back up so they can actually deliver more power than you wall plug when needed! Way better than PS Audio and any filter/conditioner.
Jena Labs Platinum power conditioner. One of the best out there. You will hear the difference. Not cheap and not widely known, but it evolved from the Washing Machine 6.1 (Fundamental 6.1) which received very high reviews.
Two fifty foot extention cords. Just do not loop the wire. all you need is a long stretch of clean wire..
Really. Better if the wire is shielded.
I run an Audince Adept Response.It made quite a difference for me. I already had 20 amp circuits, direct lines, etc.The nice thing about this conditioner is that you can plug your whole system into it, including your amp without chocking it out. It is kind of a pricey unit, but well woth every penny.
Another option is the Majik Buss. Pi Audio Group has products at both $595 and $995. Neither model is current limiting and they really cut the EMI coming in from other sources.

They made a huge difference in my system and are affordable. I wrote a review here on Audiogon if you want more details on my experience.

Podner, I'm a novice at this but if you know what you need, google Grant Audio in Canada. They offer a PC with two serious cords that's Chinese in origin and highly affordable, relatively speaking.
Talk to Jerry of Audio Magic. He's a straight on kind of guy and chances are he'll answer the phone.