Power conditioner , Re-generator.....for Spectral DMA 150 / 180 Power amplifiers

Can I plug my spectral power amplifiers into any re generators or conditioners? (in this case Richard Gray).
Do not wish to compromise my Spectral's in anyway what so ever.
My receptacles is a little too far from my power amplifiers and will need extra long powercords and I have a spare RG 600s that will work perfectly for the distance.


I am rewording my question, anyone out there plugging their Spectral Power amplifiers into a power re-generator or conditioner? 

Why not try it and judge for yourself?  I think Spectral would be best at answering your question.  Anything else is just a guess.  
I would probably have to do that, just wanted to know if there were Spectral users doing this as part of their set up.
Previously I have much larger units (physically) like the Krell FPB 600 and that was never an option, it must go directly into that AC outlet with 20amp provider so..............

Thank you
Rapogee totally not true, you could plug a Krell into any suitable conditioner that would not limit current.

We used to do demos with the Running Springs plugged into the wall with large tube amps plugged into the wall and then throught the conditioner the conditioner always made the system sound better.

The Richard Gray should work like a champ persoally I would upgrade to something even better.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I am using an Equitech 2Q to address “common mode” ac noise and an MIT Oracle AC pc (which addresses differential ac noises)to my Spectral amplifier. The improvement in sound quality is not subtle. For anyone willing to invest such units will definitely enhance the enjoyment of all musical genres. Very nicely lowered noise floor. Nuance and macro/micro dynamics enhanced. From large orchestral to flute,harp or guitars solos- all deliciously better. I recommend you give them a try and see if they make sense in your situation.  Cheers! 

Yes, you can try any re generator or conditioner with your Spectral equipment. As in all things audio, sometimes they are an improvement, sometimes not. Will not hurt to try.

Being a Spectral owner for 20 years, I tried a lot of different things. When I could afford MIT ICs, SCs, PCs, power conditioners; they always made a difference for the better over the other stuff. Spectral and MIT are made to work together. That's the "rub". When you go for a Spectral system, you are locked into their system approach for the best SQ from their equipment. Mix & Match is a crap shoot. Spectral does not always play well with "Others".

Joe Abrams and Scott @matrixdude @verison.net have both been a pleasure to deal with. Also, keep a look-out on the used equipment sites to find deals on used MIT stuff. It may take awhile,but you will find what you need at decent prices.

I switched to Pass Lab in 2016, Good Luck finding what you need.
I can only comment on Joe Abrams: very experienced and knowledgeable and generous with help. A very rare source of depth in our hobby.