Power Conditioner or Distributor?


I'm fairly new to the audio world, and I had a experience audiophile over to my house last week to listen to my system. He told me to plug my amplifier directly into the wall instead of a powerstrip, and it made it sound noticeably fuller.

So this got me thinking about power conditioners, and I see there's also listings for power distributors. Can someone provide a quick explanation as to what the differences are and what I should be looking for in a power supply? I'm looking to plug my amplifier and pre-amp only into this unit. I would also appreciate some recommendations on brands to look at, I'd like to spend somewhere in the $200-$300 range if possible.

Amp: Parasound HCA-1205A, 5 channels @ 140wpc @ 8ohms
Pre-Amp: Integra Research RDC-7

This might interest you.

Would a PS Audio PS300 be powerful for my amp and pre-amp?

Sorry, I meant P300.
The P300 is rated for 300 watts. That means the power consumption of whatever components that you plug into it cannot exceed 300 watts (otherwise it shuts down). So you'll have to look up the power consumption (not output) specs on your amp and preamp to see. My gut feeling is that it won't work since the Parasound puts a fair amount of power and even if it did, I think the P300 would limit the dynamics of your amp.

Personally, I have used a P300 and found it to run hot and the fan was always running causing distraction when listening. I think you could do much better using a passive device rather than a power regenerator, especially considering your price range.
Check out the Balanced Power Technology web site, I use two of their passive boxes. By starting with a cheaper power cord to wall and moving up later they would fit into your budget.
If you are looking for clean power,it can be taken only from an isolation transformer and coupled it with surge protector,you have a reliable clean power supply.