Power Conditioner: Isotek, Audioquest or other?


I know a lot of you do not like or believe in power conditioners. But I want to protect my system and improve sound and video quality.

I am trying to decide between the ISOTEK evo3 Aquarious and the Audioquest Niagara 1200 for my main system. I have read good reviews about them both, asked a couple of shops and one recomended the Niagara and the other the Isotek. Both gave the same reason: "it souds better".

First system: Power amp, preamp/dac, tv, computer, computer motitor, ruter, nas. (Probably will plug the last 4 on a different power strip)

For my second system, I am thinking about the Audioquest Powerquest 3, but I can not find any reviews. So, can any one tell me about their experience with it? I am open to other sugestions also.

Second system: Power amp, preamp, network player/dac, tv, computer and network switch. (These will all be plugged in to the Powerquest for example). I also like the powerquest3 because of the on off switch. I do not use this system as much so I like to cut the power off completly.

If you need specifics on my systems, I will give no problem.
Right now I am using 2 Salicru safe7 surge protectors, they are cheapos and probably not the best in protection or for my system.


I'm fortunate enough to have the space for three audio systems plus a home theater set up. In my main rig I use an Isotek Aquarius with an Audioquest Thunder power cable. I purchased the Isotek from The Audio Doctor after reading how they compared Isotek to Audioquest and how the former blew away the latter.  I've been very happy with it and the only change I might make would be possible to go to a Isotek power cable. I love tbe Thunder but it's just too long (3 meters).  In my second system I use an Isotek Sirius, my third rig is a vintage set up and I have it all plugged in to a Furutec power strip. My home theater is plugged in to a Furman PST-8.  
I have tried both brands Isotek and AQ Niagara.  Both did a good job of producing good sound from the equipment, but I will choose AQ because of better built quality. The Isotek has flimsy panels, and the paintwork is average.  I have more confidence in the AQ Niagara series.