Power conditioner help

Hi All,

 Posting this here since there is no section devoted to power products. I also posted it in the miscellaneous section. 

If you had a choice between PS Audio P10 power plant and a Transparent Powerisolator Reference, which would you choose and why? Both available at reasonable prices, though P10 is still quite a bit more. I have a pretty high end system with a Musical Fidelity NuVista 800 integrated amp, NuVista CD (the new one), Scoutmaster turntable, SDS/ADS, Herron VTPH2, Wilson Sashas, and all Transparent Ref MM2 cables. System sounds great, but my present Powerbank 8 is quite old now, so I want to upgrade it.

Thanks for your opinions.
Thanks auxinput. That is really helpful.
Inna, I must respectfully disagree. Keith Herron is extremely helpful and always willing to answer questions and give advice when he can. His customer service has been exemplary. 
Still, thank you. I will never consider his products. Surely he knows what works well with his electronics. And if he doesn't this is very strange.
Inna- The bottom line is many companies do not want to recommend other products because there not paid salesman.  A few years back I was interested in a Coda CSI- B and Doug was not able or willing to discuss any synergy with a KEF- 205/2
Being an iconic speaker you would assume he had an opinion

I would not be interested in motivations or particulat ideas that lead to actions like that. Yes, they are paid salesmen, just of a different kind. In your example he actually might've had no idea and didn't want to say it.
I stick all of my tube amplification in the wall, but I do have stable power, that I determined from the display of my PS Audio regenerator which I removed. For my digital gear and TT motor controller, I use a Brick Wall protector, but someday that may change. Plus, I have a whole-house surge protector and dedicated audio circuits.

However, in my old house with fluctuating power and a couple of noisy circuits, the PS Audio regenerator improved the sound with my previous amplifier. So, my advice is to first analyze your power and setup, before choosing to spend your dollars on this one or that one.