Power Conditioner. From Richard Gray for Shunyata Hydra

What sounding difference will I be expecting?
 I’ve been using RG 400 Pro for some good 15 years now and loving it. Very musical, rounded, honey sweet and never overly harsh or bright. The highs still there with good amount of micro details and, most of all, extremely reliable. 
But, is grass greener on the other side? Ive been looking and curious on Shunyata Hydra and somewhat predicting but would like to hear from others who are/were actually been there, done that. Thanks for reading. 
Been using a Hydra 8 for 5 years or so. Think it is working fine, music coming out of my speakers sounds good. I’d like to try an IsoTek Aquarius to see if any difference. IsoTek supposed to reduce A/C noise to ZERO! Don’t know if Hydra is suppressing noise to same degree. Price is right too.
nasamanI have owned my 400 Pro for 15 years as well. Fine conditioner at its price on the used market. Does not steal current from one's system (very important). If considering a Shunyata, check out V-Ray.IsoTek is very fine for an upgrade as well.
Happy Listening!