Power Conditioner for your amplifier?

Lately, I've been toying with the idea of trying a power conditioner on my amplifier (ARC VT-100 MkII). I know there has been much written about going straight into the wall with your amp (which is what I am doing currently), but has anyone had any luck with plugging your amplifier into a conditioner? Specifically, I've been thinking of a non-limiting device, such as a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet or a UPC-200.
Has anyone had success using a power conditioner on your amplifier - yes / no? Any thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. In advance, thanks, and happy listening!
I am using a UPC-200 (in HC mode), and have found it all around better then "straight in".
I have a Theta Dreadnaught I that i've tried plugging in to various outlets on a BPT 2.5 Ultra and a Sound Application Linestage and prefer it direct into a dedicated outlet with a dedicated breaker...sounds best that way
I've preferred my amps running through various power conditioners (every model of Shunyata, PS Audio UO's, BPT 3.5 sig.) vs. running direct (this with segregated dedicated lines and grounds, 20amp, 10 guage). I have filthy AC, running direct destroys image dimensionality, transparency and harmonic richness, no brainer in my case. You will only know by trying.
another Running Springs Audio Haley fan here. it just cleans very effectively without getting in the way of music. works wonders on everything from tube amps to plasma tv.