Power Conditioner for video

I am now off the grid with my audio set up and would like to know what Power Conditioner would give me the best results for my plasma TV and DVD player.

I do have two subs off my Zu speakers that need power.
furman refIT 15 or 20--using on my 2ch as well as HT
PS Audio Power Plant Premier works great for HT.
I've had many, and the APC S15(or S20 for more juice) is the best I have had, and it has a battery backup.

APC does power.
Recently picked up a used Sola MCR portable (1000W) for $20. Not bad considering they're $1500 new. My 42" plasma is just under 600W draw. Too noisy to be in the same room but had an easy solution for that. Really did improve the picture. Includes isolation, filtration, regulation and surge protection. Industry and professionally proven. Another on Ebay for a few days, maybe. If you can hardwire off the panel, all the better, but would require 3000W if other outlets on circuit included.
IMO, for best Plasma results- check out Shunyata V-Ray.
Richard Gray Power Company has had numerous positive reviews about their products and video perfomance.I would suggest an audition or search in the archives here for references.