Power Conditioner for Amps.

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after searching from the posts here on audiogon,seem like most of the suggestions are plug the amp straight into the wall.the question is..how am i suppose to protect my amp from a power surge if it go directly into the outlet?what about the front end(pre,CD,TT)should i get a monster surge/power condition for it?please help.
I have plugged a number of amps that I've owned into a variety of power conditioners, and each time, I found the sound to be veiled, and less dynamic. We are now paying $6/month to the local utility company for having installed surge protection on the entire house. I have not noticed a change in the sound, AND they are covering $50K in potential damage to components/computers/etc.
So that's one option, if your utility provider offers it.
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You could look at a Chang Lightspeed Conditioner.

They are not supposed to be current limiting.
The PS Audio high current Ultimate Outlets are also supposed to offer a good solution for filtering some of the noise on an AC line. The Ultimate Outlets offer 40dB of bidirectional noise suppression, and they are said to not be current limiting.
I plug my amp, SS MF, into my PS 600. It definately produces a "darker" background that I like, and I do not detefct any loss of dynamics.
I am using a VansEvers Super Companion power strip for my amp and pre. Provides protection and some parallel conditioning and doesn't seem to limit my amp/pre. The conditioning the unit provides is subtle but I bought it more for the protection/non-limiting aspect of the unit.

I am thinking about buying some Blue Circle MKIII Noisehounds to go with it. These plug in to available outlets and also provide parallel conditioning. Some say they work well and others say differently.

For your front end, I would look at the Audio Magic Stealth Digital. I really liked it alot, cleaned up quite a bit of the grunge. I don't recall if it provides protection though, it did have a fuse on the back.

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I have had satisfactory results with each mono block plugged into it's own PS Audio 600 running straight current without multiwave settings.
I second the PS Audio Ultimate Outlets. I bought their Power Director 3.5 which contains 3 Ultimate Outlets in one unit. (Comes black or silver). It has 10 outlets which performs AC conditioning, surge protection and spike protection. They are all non current limiting and also isolated with the unit. (digital equipment vs. analog equipment). One of the best improvements my system has had. Here is their link: http://www.psaudio.com/products/powerdirector35.asp
The Running Springs Power conditioners can protect ever component in your system (including your amps). They are a non coloring and non current limiting conditioner. Drop me a line if you have questions.
I just use a simple PL-plus furman power conditioner (cost me $80). furman power conditioners are used in pro audio. furman offers several inexpensive models.

check its website at:

A company that has been making line conditioners for a looong time: Tripp Lite.
One thing regarding power outings-- it isn't only what happens when the power goes out---say a transformer goes out in your area--- the problem is also when the power returns,slowly--takes a few seconds or minutes to come full-on.Using the avs2000,I have to manually turn the system back on after an interruption.
Agreed with many on this post, best results for me were obtained going directly thru the AC outlet (properly polarized/earth - insoleted, mains direct).

I remember burnin a Power Wedge AC unit plugging my Gryphon amp to it.. too much to handle!!!

Do you have a fuse in you amp?