Power Conditioner for Amp

Can you guys recommend a power conditioner that can handle a high powered Amp?

I currently have an Isotek Aquarius, but I feel my Amp (Ayre AX-5 Twenty) sounds better when connected to wall.

As my DAC and preamp benefit quite a bit from the Aquarius, I am thinking its because of the power on Amp.
Furman with SMP and LiFT
Give the new Titan one a try from Isotek, its cheaper than the full titan is expressly designed to reduce noise.  If it doesnt work, then you might think of upgrading your Amplifier
I have an Equi-Tech Son of Q.   It’s a monster , weighs about 65 lbs.  Most of that weight is the massive toroidal in there.  

I have had it 10 years and it’s been on the whole time without a fault.  

My previous place had power issues with noise and it made a big improvement 

i just set my system up after a little hiatus and my new place has modern power and my system is dead silent.  Running two Quicksilver Mid Monos , a c-j pre and several sources into it.  Great product.