Power Conditioner Confusion-Help!!

I have a Proceed AVP HT processor; EAD Powermaster 2000 amp, CD,MSB Link DAC, DVD, VCR, Phono, FM, Subs,Vienna Acoustic speakers,JPS Superconductor 2 speaker cables, connected to Monster HTS 2000 power conditioner. I recently cleared up a cable induced power hum by grounding & Mondial M.A.G.I.C. cable filter that I purchased based on the advice I received on this forum (see Troubleshooting Discussions). I am left with a speaker hiss with the EAD only powered up that I'd like to eliminate. Will a power conditioner or line filter do the job. Monster HTS 2000 is not if that is what is needed. I've read the reviews and tech data on Bybee Power Conditioners and Quantum Filters, CinePro 20/30; Tice Power Block III A/B/C; Richard Gray The Power Company, and PS Audio. I'd like to hear your experience and recommendations. Am I wasting my time on these things and need to look elsewhere for a solution? If not, what is the right one to buy. I don't have dealers for these in my area. Thanks for all your good advice.
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Typically, hiss is not associated with any power line anomalies, rather hum is usually the culprit. The EAD hissing sounds like an internal one, or an associated component. With the EAD, only, powered up, I would think it to be the culprit. Is this something that just occurred, or has it been a concern for a while? If the EAD is on, with no other piece powered up, and the input is unplugged, I would look strongly at the EAD as the culprit. A slight amount of hiss is normal, with any power amp,especially solid-state and, with efficient speakers, can be audible, especially close to the speaker. Hope this helps. Mike
I had Power Wedges and replaced them with a Cinepro 20, and have never looked back. Contact Eric Abraham, their founder. You can find them on line, if not, get back to me.
Power conditioners have nothing to do with lowering hiss (the improvements they make are noticed while music is playing). It's a problem with one of your components or amp...unless your'e only hearing it when you put your ear up against the tweeter. THAT'S ESSENTIALLY UNAVOIDABLE, except with a handful of the best/quietest components. AS FOR CONDITIONERS, the Chang Lightspeed 6400 is the best bang for the buck for line level components. I'm still trying to find what works best with my Krell amp, but I'm closing in on it...
Hello, I have a Richard Gray's Power Line Conditioner and as soon as I put it into my system I noticed a dramatic improvement in Dymanics and a lowered noise floor. I have not had the hiss problem that you speak of, so I can offer no help here.
I have a Proceed Avp and some Aragon amplifiers. I am using a brickwall power conditioner and have noticed an improvement on video but can not detect on on audio. My dealer has an Avp connected to a Richard Grey power conditioner. I had him connect it and then unconnect it and again same result. Noticed improvements with video but could hear none with audio.I have read that you need more than in connected together to obtain a large improvement. I do not know and from what I can see the cost would not be worth it. A power conditioner will not stop hiss. As the others have stated it is mostly something else, probabely the amp. I had a noticeable hiss when I was using my old amp but the Aragons have are quiet.