Power Conditioner Cheap?

Ive been looking at PureAV and panamax mainly as well as chang. Really dont know which one is better as i believe they all have lifetime warranties and im not sure if levels of cleaning/filtering is a world regulated value or they just make up different stages and levels in different companies. I was comparing a panamax 4300ex against a p31d pureav unit and a chang CLS-3200 mark2 all in similar prices but i think the retail on the pureav unit is the highest. "Filtering levels" are stage 4 on the pureav unit "level 5" on the panamax, and from what i read the chang is simply "fully filtered" no idea where to go or what to do. any input would be great. As for number of outlets i need, im not sure if i should be using switched outlets or not but if i hook up all the units in the room that would be 1 amp, 1 dvd player, 1 HD cable box, 1 CDP so a minimum of 4 outlets I would say. IDEAS????
Do you have the ability to install dedicated circuits, with good quality outlets, to feed your system, and have you already done this? If not, this is probably a better investment than power conditioning.
Rushton has a good point. However, you may want to include a surge protector in your system. I have a Naim CDX CD Player, and I can tell you that the sound of the player is radically affected by power conditioners of any kind...so a top quality, hospital grade outlet, and a surge protector, is my choice as well. If I lived in an apartment or condo where the current flow vascillated, I might feel the need to have a conditioner that regulates volatage.
Howdy.I picked up aPure AV PF60 recently & have had nothing but problems with it.A week after it arrived the LCD burned out 2 characters.Now 2 of the outlets have lost power.I have sent 4 emails to Pure AV customer svc.& still haven't gotten a response.Stay away from the Pure AV!
Good power conditioning can not be done cheaply or without system dependant complications IMHO.

I would also agree with Rushton. This is a great place to start for relatively small dollars. Dedicated power sorted out a multitude of things in my system.

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I have come to the conclusion that it is the connections that determine the quality of AC to the components. That said, I have gone to dedicated lines, quality outlets that tightly grip the plugs, quality plugs that insert into the outlets tightly on both ends. If you must protect your equipment from lightning and power fluctuations, you will find the best protection units are quite expensive. "Power conditioners" usually involve some kind of filter and often degrades the signal. Whether that can be heard or not depends on your system and your ears. Just one person's opinion, of course. I say, go for the dedicated lines, outlets and power cords/plugs first.
Powervar... Can be picked up cheap here or on E-bay. Approx ~$100 for a good used 10 amp conditioner. <$200 for a 12 amp unit (very popular...Thats the reason for the price difference between the 10 and 12 amp units.)

I wanted to follow-up with you...I purchased a Belkin AV Master surge protector/power conditioner at.....Home Depot...and it is making my Naim CDX sing...no loss of dynamics, all the detail...better than plugging into the wall. Worth trying, I can assure you. I now own two of them...works wonder for my Rotel 965LE as well.