Power Conditioner Assistance

Have a Monster HTS 2500 and not happy with it

In this price range, PS Audio Quintent? or Panamax 5100-pm, or something from Furman in same range...or????

Thanks Much
I can tell you Furman is very overpriced. One dealer I know went with Furman instead of keeping Monster because he makes TWICE as much on every Furman sale. If you can get a Furman at about 60% retail new, they are STILL making money.
PS: If you buy a Furman, get one with the "powerfactor" it is just a 'stiffening cap' added in, but it works...
(I OWN a Furman REF20i I bought used for $1,400. which for a $3,500 item list was OK.)
My recommendation is...try a Synergistic Research Powercell 6, 10 or 10SE. You will be extremely immpressed. You won't need anything else..The Cable Company has it for demo...

Regards Bacardi
If you don't require protection from lightning strikes, Mapleshade Records sells some home made appearing power strips which greatly enhance component performance although lacking any of the traditional power conditioner appearance..
Economical and effective in my systems.
Demo as many as you can,nothing worse than spending a few thou
and not being musically satisfied.
I went thru monster,Shunyata,and all's I will say is I don't
have to look any further than Torus.
We'll worth checking out,I even bought a BX-10(10a)for my other sub,as they can use up some amperage just like an amp.

Alot of conditioners can only supply what the wall can give out and music is very dynamic.Perhaps that amp would like 30-100a on short peaks.
The Torus will give you that in spades plus protection from the outside power.These are the one component(s)I'd never sell,worth checking out as they do exactly as advertised.
You don't see them hear very seldom and if you do they are snapped up,happy hunting.
I second the Synergistic. Best I've "not heard"... Really opens up your system.
How does your system sound without a power conditioner?
My choice for a power conditioner after trying many was from Transcendent by Bruce. Go to his website and check out the unit. It is available in kit form or completed. It made a major change since the power in my area is very dirty. The best part is the reasonable price. The only way to protect against surges from thunderstorms is pull the plug. Hope this helps. Steve

I stopped searching for a power conditioner after getting my EquiTech 2Q. Blacker background, higher resolution/detail, big enough to handle my big mono tube amps ...
thanks for all the great response. Most of these items are very expensive, i was trying to stay in the 400 range (hence my initial product list) are they not good?

where are torus sold?

thanks all
You really haven't said why you are not happy with the Monster.

the monster is humming, also lately if i turn on a lamp in the same room as rig, you hear it in the speakers, should the unit not stop it? plus monster has hard wired power cord to wall i would rather have a aftermarket (signal cable) thanks all
I failed to mention in my earlier post that the Transcendent Audio Power Conditioner retails at $650 assembled. I did the kit and I am not the greatest kit builder. The item comes up on Audiogon but they go fast. Hope this helps. Steve
Thanks for the response. Personally, I would send it back to Monster for repair of the hum. But if you don't want to. your best bet is individual dedicated power lines as I suggested. I also have a Signature Monster unit (got a great deal I couldn't pass up), but no amps are plugged into it. Only, pre-amp, tuner, turn table, Martin Logan Monolith IIIX speakers, phono stage, music server and two dacs. The monster has no hum and has it's own dedicated line to the service panel. I have two Audio Research VTM 120 Mono amps and a Mark Levinson ML3 with their own dedicated lines back to the panel.

I have no hum or ground loops whatsoever and sounds wonderful.

I have been through a few and they all did some good things but in the end, sucked the life out of the music. The only device that does not, to my ears, is the Acoustic Revive Rtp Ultimate. I cannot say enough good things about this thing. It is easily the best I have come across. If you research it, the stuff sounds crazy but I can tell you it has added an organic, natural sound to my room that is really something. I was really close to giving up on power conditioners when I got it. It can be a frustrating process shopping for them. The only down side to the Acoustic Revive is it offers no surge protection.
I large agree with Richard stacy and usually recommend living with the power conditioner you really like for several weeks and then removing it. Most of the time removing it improves the sound.

There are three in my experience where this has not been true. The SR PowerCell, the Sound Application conditioner, and the Walker Audio Velocitor. I retain the SR PowerCell which has the most involving soundstage, is the quietist, and has the best bass.
I use a BPT model CPC non current limiting line conditioner. It is great value and you can find them here on Audiogon. As always the people here will offer you some great advice.