Power Conditioner and Surge Protector

Hi all,

I would like to know if it's worth spending the money for a Power Conditioner or Surge Protector. There are so many different brands and prices. Does anyone have thoughts regarding these items? Does it make any improvement to your audio equiptments? Will it eliminate the hum coming out of your speakers? Does pricing and different brands make a difference?

I was looking at this model from Panamax:

Panamax M5300-PM

Is that a good conditioner? Right now I am using a cheap $ $5.00 power conditioner that I bought at HomeDepot.

Thanks for any advice!!
I would personally avoid any of these as more often than not they can be detrimental to the sound. in particular dynamics can be compressed. I am however talking of more high end models which can be well engineered in the power supply department in the first place. Far better in my opinion to get a very good power cord, or a good jitter buster between dac and transport (monarchy DIP), or a high quality passive transformer isolator after a dac or preamplifier e.g the sound enhancer by vintage audio lab. All these refine the sound in a way I expect you would like the conditioner to work. Conditioners can also be a hit and miss proposition even for cheaper units with less than ideal power supplies.
Jump up the level and enjoy the extra money spent wiser.Yes it absolutly makes a differance.My brother was using computer power surge suppresor.Gave him my power wedge cond.He was floored at the level of performnace differance.Only when all things are there though,cords,cond,interconnects,ect.
It often makes a big difference, but units and results vary.

My best results have been obtained using BPT Balanced power products.

Dynamics never suffered- with Pass X-250 amp no less.

Tube amps I've owned benefited as well, as did the digital front end.

My bet is you'll never really know until you try.