Power conditioner and high end power cord

I am setting up my first system and need to understand if you have a good power conditioner (EQUI=CORE 1800) do you still need these high end AC power cables. The cable I got with the conditioner 6 feet looks very high end not sure how it's made. I have all my components (two -MC601mono blocks, C2600, MD550, MT10, two JL Audio E112 sub, and JL Audio CR-1) going into the EQUI=CORE 1800. If you switch all the components to a higher end AC cables is the sound any better. Or do you need just a high end power cord from the wall to the conditioner and use the cables to the components that they came with. Any help would be appreciated. 

I guess I am one of the "others" mentioned above.

I am using a CPT 1800 with the daisy chain, cheapo switch, and breaker eliminated.
I have found that my tube mono blocks sound better plugged into the CPT 1800 rather than directly to the wall outlet.
I also have 3 dedicated 10 gauge lines with Furutech NCF outlets in the 1800 and the wall. It all matters.
But I would say, (pun intended) it is only as good as the weakest link. Including the equipment.

Ozzy: Yes, you contributed to that discussion, and more (+1, for pointing out my memory recall issues—or my laziness to review a lot of pages devoted to modding the CPT-1800 in that thread. 😂).
Electricity is the foundation of each system. But worldwide it is still done at a very limited level. These days it becomes more often to use a separate power group. But when we talk to manufacturers it becomes clear how little they do and know about electro-smog, magnetism, and high-frequency noise.

Beside this most conditioners are very limited in the end result. When you would understand how to test a conditioner on all different aspects/properties of sound. It becomes more than clear that most conditioners are not able to reveal all the different aspects/properties of sound. This means that they will create a limitation instead of an improvement.

You can get a superior level out of a power cable when you would use a conditioner what can reveal all the aspects/properties of sound. And when you would have done a lot to limit the influence of electro-smog, magnetism, and high-frequency noise.
I always figured that upgraded power cables were BS.... then I tried one.

My system is AudioResearch LS9 Pre / W4S Sx1000 monos / Maggie 1.7i / Gungnir Multibit / Sony ES5400 / Roon Nucleus / Kimber Kables

I just received an AQ NRG-Z3 1m cable and placed it on the preamp.
Holy shit! Thats all until further listening.... I don’t know what this magic is... but it sounds so good. :)

Any power cord will impact on the power supply of a given piece of equipment power supply reacts to it dues to the basic design of the cable and its inductance and so forth. In short, any cable is a crapshoot which is why you should try them in your system. There are companies that have been making cables for 30 years almost stick with them, in the past 10 years a lot of homebrew cables and part-time cable makers have hit the audiophile market, I sick with the pros with years and years of experience and know-how.