Power conditioner and high end power cord

I am setting up my first system and need to understand if you have a good power conditioner (EQUI=CORE 1800) do you still need these high end AC power cables. The cable I got with the conditioner 6 feet looks very high end not sure how it's made. I have all my components (two -MC601mono blocks, C2600, MD550, MT10, two JL Audio E112 sub, and JL Audio CR-1) going into the EQUI=CORE 1800. If you switch all the components to a higher end AC cables is the sound any better. Or do you need just a high end power cord from the wall to the conditioner and use the cables to the components that they came with. Any help would be appreciated. 

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I mentioned the PC into your conditioner, because I follow SOME of the Nordost philosophy, and that includes starting with power cords. Follow the signal with them. 


There is no "issue" providing peak demands by any "high power" system downstream from my TORUS RM-20 conditioner/surge protector so I'm never concerned about drops in line voltage or fluctuations in the delivery of current to my audio systems. There are many such issues with clean, continuous, uninterrupted power to my house and I assume the same issues apply to any household on a grid system.. 
I just upgraded my power cords from Tara Labs reference AC and Harmonic Technology Pro AC 11 to the Virtual Dynamics Revelation and Nite 2. Big improvement.
How can a power conditioner make a system sound SIGNIFICANTLY better?  I would like to hear the difference.  If you never heard a system through a power conditioner no one would ever notice.  Upgrade your speakers or CD player.
I would imagine it depends on the incoming power in your area and the power supplies of your equipment.  The power supply in my TRL DUDE is about as heavy duty as any amp, yet the sound improved very noticeably when I added a Core Power Tech Equi=Core150 PC and ran it directly to the Maestro wall outlet.  This is even though I was using at least a mid level power cord prior.  Surprised me how much difference it made on that one.  I have 3 dedicated 20 amp runs to the circuit box but it's not a separate panel from the rest of the house FYI.