Power conditioner and high end power cord

I am setting up my first system and need to understand if you have a good power conditioner (EQUI=CORE 1800) do you still need these high end AC power cables. The cable I got with the conditioner 6 feet looks very high end not sure how it's made. I have all my components (two -MC601mono blocks, C2600, MD550, MT10, two JL Audio E112 sub, and JL Audio CR-1) going into the EQUI=CORE 1800. If you switch all the components to a higher end AC cables is the sound any better. Or do you need just a high end power cord from the wall to the conditioner and use the cables to the components that they came with. Any help would be appreciated. 

"If you switch all the components to a higher end AC cables is the sound any better."

That's probably the WORST question to ask on a cable forum.

How is ANYONE here,qualified to tell YOU, what subjectively sounds "better" to YOUR ears?

You've set the tread for contentious, biased and polarizing opinion that will only confuse you MORE!

That said, my $.02

There is the belief it's the first couple of feet that matters. So if you have your system plugged into a conditioner, the PC feeding the conditioner, should have a decent cable. But why would that matter, since the service into your place is miles of wire, which is then going thru questionable wire in your home?

Borrow a cable, and let your ears tell you if it's worth the expen$e.

This may be of interest.
The author is one of the handful of knowledgeable/qualified contributors here. 

I have always found that upgraded power cords improve the sound of each of my components. Some components more so than others.
This is the order of my preference:
Transport or CDP
I'll also add that this subject is very controversial so once again the debate is on. My suggestion is to try one upgrade power cord on different components and be your own judge.
If you don't mind me asking who did you purchase the 1800 (a good balanced power unit) from and please describe the power cord it came with assuming there is no name on it.
@lak ,
+1, as usual.
This is something you are going to have to try yourself.
If I were you, I would start with no conditioning and just plug everything into the wall or power strip.
Listen for at least a couple of weeks.
Then add a conditioner to one component and listen.
Then add a 'better' power cable and listen'
or as they say:
Rinse and repeat.