Power Conditioner Advice

I'm planning a major power overhaul to my system. This will include running dedicated 20amp lines and the purchase of new power conditioning gear. I currently have a Monster AVS2000 regenerator and PowerCenter....but I've decided to give some other equipment a try. I'd be interested in opinions about the

1. Running Springs Audio
2. Equi=Tech
3. B-P-T
4. Richard Gray Power Company
5. Dezorel

Knowing what items you wish to condition would help. The avs2000 is great for video displays such as rptvs.
Hi Harry! Keep the regenerator to keep your projector bulbs stable. (I use a ps audio 300 multiwave for that purpose.)

My favorite conditioner is the Sound Applications Linestage with Elrod power cords, especially on the front end. I have only tried four different conditioners, so my recommendation might be improved upon.

The dedicated lines will really make you happy. I am sure you have done your homework on the installation and I hope you get at least three dedicated lines. When you get six or seven lines, you can shootout your receptacles and power cords with abandon. The cost is usually in the labor, not the wiring and materials.

Thanks for the recent tip on the speaker upgrades! WOW. I am really enjoying them now. You are the right about your recommendations and your opinions have merit.

I'm really glad you decided to be adventuresome with the advice and it paid off!! We have very similar tastes in equipment....and it is actually your meticulous attention to power needs that has motivated me to clean up mine. I'll hang on to the AVS2000 for the projector but plan to move to other products for everything else.

I would put BPT or Audio Magic on the short list.
Followup: After extensive discussions with several manufacturers, I went with Running Springs Audio. I got a Danielle and a couple of Haleys. After I check these out....I'll decide whether to add a couple of Dukes for my amps.

So far, I've put my digital gear on the Danielle and am VERY impressed with improvement in microdynamics, precision, and imaging. I'll wait a couple of months before posting more extensive reviews.

I'm also getting all dedicated lines installed next week.

More followup:

Used solid copper Romex for the dedicated lines to Wattgate 381's. Had some wired in A phase and some in B phase. I'm running monoblocks with out of phase power to cancel out some low level noise as in Jon Scull's stereophile article:


Works great. I'm very very happy with the Running Springs Audio products. Very detailed sound with MUCH better dynamics and precision.