Power conditioner

Anyone know the difference between a line filter/conditioner vs a line isolator. Is there a difference. Is it a large difference is minimal.
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if you have noise problems originating from the AC line, then you want an isolation transformer - a box about the size of an amp

nobody regulates what people call things, so...

cheaper used ones can be found eBay tho you may need an electrician to wire it in

if you have noise problems they usually do NOT originate from the AC line... many DACs are overly sensitive to noise from their own transformer (wall wart) or wires from it, and some make their own low inductance wires for that

other problems often arise from improper grounding, fluorescent light bulbs and even the transformers for LEDs

imagined sources are also common ;]

How do you know if this interference even exist? I really am not sure if I have this problem or not. The circuit is dedicated so I would like to think lighting and other exterior sources are probably not generating it? I'm using a Furman power conditioner for the pre, cd, DAC etc. No amps tho, their plugged into the wall. I'm using hospital grade receptacles and bought high end cables. The reason I'm asking the original question is because someone was trying to sell me one saying they would widen my soundstage, give it more depth and also give my system that airy sound. It already sounds pretty awesome but I'm always looking for improvement in this crazy hobby.
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Stop wasting your money this Balanced isolation unit does it all 
Your music will never be better especially st these prices .
A 15smp unit if you get s discount around $1500,  the 1200 model around $1200