Power conditioner

Can I have recommendation for suitable power conditioners or power distribution strips for Burmester components since their basic level power conditioner model has been discontinued and forced to look elsewhere.
They have one of the best still active on they're products list!

Another to consider is the Accuphase...

Good luck!

If you want hi end power stuff look at Tripoint Audio.
I can't wait to hear the new AQ Niagara conditioner when it comes out in August. Heard great things about it.
I'm about to try out the Shunyata Defender into a WireWorld Matrix 2 powerstrip (seems to be well made but not a lot of info or reviews on it) against my PS Audio Dectet , Quintet and Soloist Premier inwall conditioners.If I like it enough I'll go for a better powerstrip (if needed) like Shunyata's own PS8 ,BP or cable pro.
Burmester 948.
Never met a power conditioner that didn't ultimately damage the sound. Most of them change the sound, but after a few weeks, pull it off of the system and listen
Never tried power conditioning before but yesterday borrowed my brothers shunyata hydra 6 with a python power cable. I was very surprised to say the least. Wide separated sound stage. Very defined tone in both high end (bells) and low end (drums) with increased impact. I was listening to massed voices in an orchestral work and you could really hear the separation of all the voices. Just amazing. Of course these are only preliminary observations and over time, who knows. I may be more cognizant of what I may be missing, but at least initially, I was really amazed and truly enjoyed what it did for my system.