Power conditioner

I am looking for a power conditioner for my sys
Amp Rogue Zeus
Pre amp BAT 32SE

1-Could you recommend for some?
2-Should I plug the amp to the power conditioner or not?

best pure conditioners I have used are the Richard Gray stuff, I have an APC S15 and PS Audio Duet (big 550w monoblocks). the APC was/is fine, and very flexible all alone, but the monoblocks pulled so much power I had to get something to supplement at high volumes
Not sure what you want to spend but the Running Springs products are very good. You could plug your amp into a RSA PLC with no issues.

Alan Maher products also warrant a look. Different concept though than traditional power conditioning.
You might want to check TORUS(bryston website).
They have models from 2.5a to 100a.
they are pricey,but well worth the investment.
Nice to use dedicated lines,but if your amps like 50,100a
on musical peaks,the wall can never give that to you.
You could e-mail jamestanner@bryston or on audiocircle
under bryston.James is a superb person to deal with.
tell him what you have and especially the amps,how much amps they use at full power,and he'll definately recommend which model you would need.Torus is one MAJOR improvement.
Do your self a major service and check it out.

I do have a paper that james e-mailed me,I could send you a copy(need e-mail address)or it is also on the audiocircle
website under bryston.I'm sure you won't look back.
PS Audio Duet or Quintet or Chang Lightspeed. Neither limit current!Check out there reviews!
The inevitable laundry list begins...

Here are some more:
Sound Applications
Foundation Research
Audio Magic
Chang Litespeed
Exact Power

Eventually, all will be mentioned.

Pick one or two to try, and get off the merry-go-round as soon as possible.
Clean power is good, but there's no magic wand here.
Once again, well said Tvad!!!

He is NOT lying. I've been on it.
I have tried the Torus RM20, and now own the Audience AR6, and previously used a Panamax 5500 (now relegated to my HT system). The Torus was a significant upgrade from the Panamax but when compared to the Audience there are noticeable flaws. The Torus adds too much bass which isn't noticeable until you try other power conditioners. the Audience is much more balance with far less tonal characteristic than the Torus. The music is more natural. i would only recommend a Torus if your system is a tad on the lean sounding side.
1. MIT.
2. amp shd generally have separate cond.
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Tried SR, Audience, Torus and a few others and Running Springs was better in my system.
Agreed on Running Springs... best I've heard in my system too.
The place to start is asking yourself what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Saying you want a power conditioner is like saying you want a new car, what should I buy? You certainly don’t want to buy a Volkswagen Beetle if you need a pick up truck. There is a lot of information out there if you dig for it. I would recommend the Equi=Tech website for starters, also check out the Furman site. I recommend these sites for the information they contain not a specific brand or model. There are also several forum threads (with links) here on the subject. One thing you must pay attention to is the feed from your electrical panel to the plug. Is it a dedicated line? Is it 14 gauge, 12 gauge, 10 gauge, does it have a ground? These are things you need to research if you haven’t had a power conditioner before. Good luck with your search, there is a lot of reading to be done when it comes to this subject.

Richard Gray Power Company (RGPC).

Audience great unit.6TSSOX latest.

Wow this is the 10th thread .
Plug Amp to wall PSaudio p10 not bad Or High Fidelity Power conditioners if you can afford them are very nice and do not limit current.