Power Condition Rogue Stereo 90?

I have a Rogue Stereo 90 currently running through a Hydra 6. I use LAT power cables for the most part throughout my system except for Shunyata on the CD player. I have heard that it may be better for the amp to go right into the wall for better dynamics. I'd try to answer this question myself except that I do not have a high quality cord that can reach the outlet (dedicated circuit with upgraded receptacle). I'd appreciate any thoughts or experiences you might share.
Hello Arch - the Hydra 6 is not current limiting whatsoever, unlike most other types of power conditioners ( of which the "plug your amp into the wall" crowd is correct), so relax and enjoy the performance of your Stereo 90 WITH the Hydra 6.
Thanks Jwpstayman! Thats the sort of definitive answer I was looking for.
Arch, aside from the power conditioner, you may want to change your cables. I used Lat cables for a long time and they are pretty good, but Anticables are much better and probably less expensive than what you paid for the Lats. They really will open up the Stereo 90. I recommend the Anticables only after spending tons of money on Kimber, Nordost, and Cardas cables to name a few!
Hi Cyclonicman:
Thanks for your thoughts. I did try their speaker cables, but I do not see that they make power cables? Is that what you are referring to?
My mistake, Speltz does not make power cables yet, so it is a moot point.