Power Chords or Power Plants?

For the dollar spent and the return in sonic improvement, which way should a guy go? Power plants cost more, but will usually power several pieces of equipment. Several individual power chords may total to the same amount of money or more? I already have dedicated lines for my stereo room from the breaker panel. One line for amp, one line with several outlets for all the other gear.

Power Plant will give more improvement than cords. PP will reduce noise and fix ac distortion. Cords will help reduce noise pick up or emission but it can't fix low line or distortion.
I'm with the PP first, with very good solid power cords. That does it for my system. Would adding a $1k+ cord improve the sound? Donno, don't care. However!--if I had the bucks I probably would be dabbling with the idea of killer ($$) cords. peace, warren
Power Plant may give the greatest improvement but only in conjuction with decent cords i.e. those that reject airborne r.f.(kimber), otherwise there is a danger of the improvements gained by the p.p. being diluted. So buy cords first then p.p. You could always wrap-up the original cords for christmas presents!
I would recommend the power cords.Far too many power plant/conditioners affect the power drawn by the component.Any time you insert a device into the electrical delivery system,you will deal with capacitance and inductance.This will effect the ability of a system to draw necessary current/voltage from the wall outlet.Unless your local electric company is absolutely terrible,you will probably be "throwing the baby out with the bath water".Many cords and conditioner/plants are available with retun policies.Don't leave home auditioning without one.
This is only my opinion and you know what that is worth.
Agree with Tpsonic. The power plant lasted 2 weeks in my system. Definite sound degradation and I was only using it on the front end. Good cords seem to help a bit or a better conditioner will help.