power chord question

looking for a decent power chord thats forward sounding and leans toward the warm sound that would match with a rotel ra 1062 int. and dali ikon 2 speakers- thanks
Blue Circle's BC-62 is neutral to warm sounding. I use one with my phono stage and integrated tube amp.

If you want forward-sounding power chords, I would try Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. They used power chords quite heavily, and to great effect.

Half facetiously noted only because it was asked that way, and it has been asked many times before and I just flipped :^)

As to power cords which are "forward-sounding and lean toward the warm sound", I will let someone else respond.
Virtual Dynamics Nite series Power cords......
Way too funny, T bone!
Kimber Kable Power Kord-look for an older used one. Or I hear good things above MIT cords.